Personal//December Challenge

Hey guys!

December is here and it's already pouring in California. Well, where I live at least. Walking out of seventh period class to a down pour was not fun. Now everything is wet and slick making it even harder to walk without an accident. I almost got ran over by a car in the parking lot of my school because they weren't paying attention. I can already feel the water that's going to end up in my shoes. 

Since it's December which means my birthday is coming up, I decided to challenge myself. It may be insane of me to try this because I'm already horrible at updating, but I've challenged myself to post everyday. It can be about anything as long as something is posted by the end of the day. It doesn't seem hard right? 

Oh how wrong you are. Not only do I have to write for this blog, I also journal and have to write a page of fiction, poetry, etc. Yup. I'm going to need new fingers come Christmas. That's it for the challenge! 

What do you guys think of what I've got planned? Do you think I can do it? How about you join me in this insanity?! 

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