Tippin' Tuesday//Getting Through Christmas

Hey guys!

I haven’t done any Tippin’ Tuesday posts in a while. I apologize, but life can get in the way. Especially since I have been trying to post everyday this month. Anyway, here’s a few tips on staying kind on Christmas day.

Even if you hate your presents, the food, or the people. It’s just one day guys. You can do it. No matter if your relatives insult you and belittle you, keep smiling. If you can handle life, 364 days a year of ups and downs, you can handle one day that can be filled with more downs that ups.

Remember that no one had to get you anything. So be thankful of what you got. There are other people in the world who aren’t as lucky as you.

Is that it?! Whoa. That’s actually it! Those are the two major tip that can help you through Christmas. How do you handle christmas? Leave a comment down below!

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