Hey guys!
This week was exhausting! Which is why I wasn’t able to upload the blog posts that I wanted to, but it’s okay. So here’s what happened…

Math has become somewhat bearable. I understand this chapter of the lesson, but graphs. Graphs kill me. At least I’m doing better than last semester in my opinion. All my other classes are going well. I now have Psychology 1 as my semester class and I find it fascinating.

This week was full of naps and not enough workouts. School has been exhausting which of course, causes me to sleep different times every day. My goal for the next week is to sleep before 2 o’clock since I usually sleep around then.

I have been really good at not spending a lot of money on random junk. I did break down today and bought a few things at a thrift shop, but they were having a 50% off sale. I couldn’t pass it up. There might even been a post about it tomorrow if I get around to it. I did only get a few things that I thought I’d wear a lot and I thought I needed. There’s always a lot of room for basics.

I attempted to make some kind of attractive photo for this series, but everything was just wrong. Maybe next week I’ll get a stroke of genius and find the right picture for this series. In other news, my book blog has been somewhat revived. I am planning a few series that would hopefully get me into the spirit of blogging about books more. Why I haven’t really talking about books lately is because I’ve never found the time. But now I will make time. Hopefully, everyone reading my book blog will see the fruits of my labour.

That’s it for this week! What have you been up to? Thanks for reading!

Tippin' Tuesday//Think Positive

Hey guys!

Some days you just want to think "Today is a horrible day and it's never going to get better!" and consequently, it doesn't get better. I think almost everyone does this when we really shouldn't. A negative mind creates negative outcomes because you're expecting them. You're the one creating them since you're the only one who's in control of your day. So here’s how to think positive when you really don’t want to.

This may sound silly, but making reminders for you to stop and just be really do help. You can make them a random day to day occurrence or have a set time to stop and think. What’s really causing your bad day? How can you change it? Sometimes all it takes is a bit of thinking to realize that some problems can be resolved very easily.

What is it? I still haven’t found the one yet, but I do have a few:

Don’t let the opinion of others consume you.
You write your own story. Don’t let anyone write it for you.
Food is good for you. So eat that chocolate.
Forget the haters, they’re only jealous of what you have that they don’t.

So get a mantra and recite it every time you’re having a bad day. It’ll help boost moral and drives you to the goal you want in life.

One bad day isn’t going to ruin the rest of your life. I’ll admit that sometimes I forget this. But the next day I’ve already forgotten what happened the day before because it’s a brand new day. There’s a lot you can do with another 24 hours. Remember that the end is going to end soon and you’ll be able to put the day behind you.

That’s it for today! What do you do to think positive? Thanks for reading!


Hey guys!

This week flew by! A lot of stuff has happened so let's get to the point...

Since I've decided to focus on math this semester, I've been trying to figure out a smarter way to studying the subject. I found that since lyrics are easier to remember than math formulas, I'm going to create songs using math. It definitely sounds easer than I thought. I've also started making flash cards for definitions and formulas. 

All my other classes are going amazingly well. Although I really need to become a lot more productive with my English homework. He gives us a few days to read articles, but I'm always forgetful about when they're due. I love my agenda, but it's not helping as it used to. So I made a few to do lists for the day to see if that'll work. Let's hope it does.

My sleeping patterns are still on the fence. My body hasn't really been at it's greatest since December, so I really haven't had a solid sleeping pattern or eating schedule. I really need to start waking up earlier to have a more productive day. 

My room isn't getting as organized as I want to be. There's a lot of things that still needs homes which means I have to start getting rid of items I don't use anymore. That might take a while though. 

NYE Goals
I'm failing miserably with writing a poem and a half page everyday. My journaling is going well, but I can't seem to commit myself to writing more after. I think it's because I always write so late at night that my body doesn't want to write more, but sleep instead. I'm going to have to write earlier than usual as the year progresses to get to where I want to be. 

Since I've started to take up reading again, I've been trying to schedule my time so that I can actually slow down and read. With the start of a new semester, it's not going as planned, but I think I can set aside some time to read next week. For all the people reading my book blog, I really am trying to create content for that blog. I have a few ideas, but I still need to work out the kinks. 

My water habit is actually going great! I have been drinking soda less and water more while also getting into drinking tea more when I'm craving something other than water. Our house always runs out of milk within a week which really isn't helping my goal to drink milk once a day. I think I'll adjust that goal to every two days because of it. 

Getting into exercising again isn't really as hard as I thought. It is hard to motivate myself to start though, but I always have to remind myself that I want to be healthier and live longer. I'm hopeful that my exercising routine won't become compromised once Valentine's Day comes along. Chocolate is going to be everywhere and I must resist temptation.

That's it for this week! What have you been up to this week? Thanks for reading! 

Lifestyle//My Take at Minimalism

Hey guys!

I’ve been reading a lot of minimalist blogs lately and I’ve become utterly fascinated with the lifestyle. Not only can these people work a 33 piece wardrobe, they can mix and match like it’s not anyone’s business. Man, they can do it all. 

But I’m not about that life. Although I really love the concept and understand how freeing it is to have less items and using your money to instead experience life more, it’s not for me at this moment. Right now as a teenager, I believe is a time to experiment the more outrageous styles. There’s something about being young and wild that really helps pull off a crazy outfit. It’s not that being older makes it look weird or ugly, but being older comes with a maturity that needs to be dealt with in it’s own time. 

Maybe that’s why I’m so fascinated with the minimalist lifestyle. People are forced to go find their version of basics, figure out what they really need in their life, and just be. It looks so refreshing to have a small closet and live a life with less items. They get creative like The Private Life of Girl who I admire because who doesn’t love her simple yet helpful posts? Others help spread the word like INTO MIND who has a really large archive about how to achieve a minimalist life. Of course, there’s Becoming Minimalist who have an array of inspiring blog posts about why people want so much, why sometimes you gotta have less, and lots of guest posts about different topics.  

Although I stated that I believe that in your teenage years, it’s great to experiment with outrageous styles, I feel like some teens can live a minimalist life. Which is why I’m trying it out. I’m definitely not doing the 33 piece wardrobe because I love a lot of my clothes, but I will sort through my clothes to see what I don’t wear anymore and sort through all of my belongings to figure out what I really love and what I should part with. 

I’m coming into that time of life where I’m starting to figure out who I want to be. I’ve realized that a minimalist life may be a part of it, but not a huge part. I would like to be able to pick something out of my wardrobe and style it to make it more me. I already have an idea of what my basics are, but I’ll be implementing my new minimalist ways at the start of February because I do need some time to go through my closet and household. Of course, with a large family filled with boys who constantly need more clothes because of rough housing and a dad who uses shopping as therapy (I’m serious, I think I’m a shopaholic because of him), this new life style may be hard to fully immerse myself in. 

I’ll try though. That’s what I think is more important. Even if I fail at being a full minimalist, at least I figured out some of my priorities in life. I can already invision my smaller library and it’s kind of giving me a heart attack. I better start purging now before I chicken out. 

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading! 

Tippin' Tuesday//Turn That Bad Day Around Babe

Hey guys!

Sometimes Tuesdays don't go as planned. Actually, any day can go wrong at the drop of a hat. But don't let a bad day bring you down! So here's how I try to make a bad day turn around~! 

Stop and breathe. The world is not out to get you. It's just an accumulation of mistakes created by various people somehow being projected onto to you. The day is going to end and a new one will start. Just breathe and soon it'll be over. 

Whether it's buying your favorite snack or a new book, get something small will brighten your day. Try to keep it a small treat so you don't feel guilty later for splurging on a new Coach bag or makeup. Unless it's been a week of hell then you can definitely justify getting a new bag. 

I talked about how amazing Superwoman is in my 2014 Favorites Part 2 post. She's hilarious and I love her humor. Not only can she put a smile on anyone's face, it also turns a bad day around with her witty comments and accents. But you can also watch your favorite comedian. Whatever you floats your boat. 

A bad day is a good day to just spend time on yourself. You've been through a crappy day, so why not spend some time reading, giving yourself a manicure, or watching your favorite show? Take the time to unwind with your favorite activity. End the day on a high note. 

That's it for today! What do you do to turn a bad day around? Thanks for reading! 

Haul//Rite Aid

Hey guys!

Today I went to Rite Aid for a few minutes to get something for one of my brothers. Within those few minutes I was there, I ended up with four new lipsticks from Wet 'N Wild.

Black Orchid 
Dark Wine 
Copper Dust 

I really didn't need any new lipsticks, but I couldn't pass up on these. They're a dollar, so it's okay. I really love the shades and I'm pretty sure Black Orchid is the lipstick that people say is a dupe for MAC's Rebel. Since I don't buy MAC, I thought I might as well get it since it's a really pretty dark purple-ish color. 

That's it for today! What have you been eyeing lately? Thanks for reading! 


Hey guys! 

I finished my finals this week! Yay! Here's what else I've been up to...

Since first semester is done, I'm determined to sleep earlier. I've been trying to eat healthier, but it's so hard. Not only do my brothers go through food within a week, all my dad can buy for snacks is junk food. It doesn't help that the healthier food is pricer than chips or soda. What's up with that man?! It's like they're trying to fatten people up. If anyone has any suggestions for healthy food at a good price, please leave a comment below! 

As I said at the beginning, finals is over for now. I think I did well on most of them. Now I'm working on being more productive and being smarter at how I learn. I've also gotten messier this year for some reason. So I'm spending the four day break cleaning out the old assignments and making sure I have everything for second semester. 

Besides making sure my school life is on track, I've been cleaning up my room and getting rid of items that I don't use anymore. My closet has become smaller as a result, but there's still so many places I still need to clean out. My books are all over the place, so I've decided to clean that out next. Even though my heart is breaking at the thought of having to get rid of books, I feel like it'll be better in the long run. Espcially if I ever move out. 

NYE Goals 
Drinking water everyday has become a habit now. It feels weird to drink lots of soda, but there are days where I do just that since we run out of water so often. Oops. 

My writing has been slowed down. I do journal everyday, but with finals and studying, I deflected the poetry and short story part. I'm spending this weekend catching up and I'm really looking forward to it. 

Organization has been a steady uphill climb right now as I've been cleaning up and putting everything into its place these past few days. I still have a long way to go, but at least I'm on track.

Exercising has become a challenge. Right now I do it at night right before I shower, but I feel like it's not the right time for me. With school, studying, and working on writing and this blog, I have no idea how I'll exercise when school goes back into session. Maybe I'll do it right after school. Who knows. 

That's it for this week! How has your week been? Thanks for reading! 


Hey guys!

California tends to get a bit warmer in the evenings, but freezing cold in the mornings. My arms and feet usually get really cold while the rest of my body stays at a tolerable temperature. The outfits featured are ones that I've actually worn to school before, but with similar items since some of my clothes are thrifted. 

Back To Basics

Back To Basics 
I love my huge, grey cardigan even though it is slightly thin for winter. I usually wear it with my favorite blue jeans, tank top, and shirt. It's a basic outfit, but it's warm. 

Denim on Denim

Denim on Denim
Dark wash jeans contrast nicely with an acid wash jean jacket. I have an American Eagle acid wash jean jacket that I found at a thrift store and pair it with my Jessica Simpson Uptown Girl High Waisted Jeans. I usually find one of my big T-shirts or a long sleeve to wear on top. 

Oversized Love 
I have a few oversized sweatshirts because who doesn't love how effortless it is to style? I either way leggings or jeggings since my sweatshirts can get a tad hot in the afternoon. With a tank top, bandue, or a bra ( I don't judge), it's all around comfiness all day long. 

That's it for today! I hope y'all had a great week! Thanks for reading! 

Tippin' Tuesday//Time For the Goals

Hey guys!

Now this post is different from last week's Tippin' Tuesday. I'm serious, keeping the goals going is totally different from finding time to get the goals. I bet you have no idea what I'm saying? Basically, this is what I do to actually find time to meet my New Years goals.

Productive Mornings
Getting things done in the morning always set the tone for the day. Lots of other bloggers know that mornings are what make or break your day. So start the day by doing something that'll help you towards your goal even if it's something small. It'll be easier for you to work on other projects without worrying about whether or not you’re fulfilling your resolutions.

Cut The Crap
I spend a lot of time on Facebook and twitter when I really should be doing something productive like homework or writing. I try to replace the time I would've spent on Facebook by having all of my supplies near me so that I'm not tempted to slouch about my work. I'm still trying to resist temptation, but taking time that would've been spent on frivolous games or gossip and turning it into something productive really helps with getting your NYE goals done.

Fill the Breaks in Life
Obviously there will be times in the day where you're on the bus or train where you can spend some time working on your goals. Of course, if it's to exercise more I have no idea how you'd do that on a bus or a train, so I suggest on focusing on something else like writing or anything that won't get you kicked off the bus/train. The time adds up so use those breaks wisely.

That's it for today! I hope y'all fulfill your NYE goals this year instead of forgetting them halfway through the year! Thanks for reading!

Review//Jessica Simpson Jeans

Hey guys!

I haven’t done a review in a long time! I don't think I've mentioned my Jessica Simpson jeans on my blog yet, so I decided to do a review of them! So here we are! What I think of the Jessica Simpson jeans and whether or not they’re worth it.

I got my first two pairs of Jessica Simpson items during a sale in Macy’s. I came on a good day where there was a wide variety of jeans on the sales rack and was able to score both high waisted shorts and high waisted jeans. They were some of my first high waisted items since I came very late to the fashion trend.

They were about less than $15 dollars, but were originally about $60 which was a steal. It’s a lot better price than that one time I accidentally bought two more pairs when they weren’t on sale. My dad gave me the evil eye, but bought them for me anyways. Oh the perks of being the only girl.

Anyway~! The Kiss Me Skinny Jeggings material feels so soft and they’re stretchy. I love them because my legs look so good in them. I got them in a short 26 and they fit pretty well. They stop exactly at my ankles and fit every curve. I do feel like I should be wearing seamless underwear or at least something that doesn’t give me a wedgie when I wear them. Since they show every curve, they also show panty lines. Those are a no-no.

The high waisted jeans and shorts really are high waisted. I have the Uptown Girl High Waisted Jeans, and Vintage Highwaisted Shorts and Jeans. The Uptown Girl High Waisted jeans are kind of stiff. They are comfortable to move in, but they aren’t as soft as the Kiss Me Skinny Jeggings. The vintage high waisted shorts are really stretchy. They ride up a bit and although I’m okay with it most of the time, it can get annoying. While the jeans are stretchy, they don’t ride up as much. The jeans do hit right where my ankle starts and they are also easy to manage. But it’s really easy for these jeans to get lint on, so unless you’re okay with it, bring a lint roller.

All in all, if you have the money, buy the jeans. They’re a great quality and are easy to style. If you don’t have the money, wait for a sale or coupons because these jeans can get pretty expensive.

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading! What do you think of the Jessica Simpson collection?


Hey guys!

Here is the first of many hauls in 2015! After school I went to Target with my brother and dad to buy some cotton swabs, but somehow ended up with a cartful of items. Here's what I got from Target!

Bellkin Printer Cable // I got a wireless printer as a birthday present from my dad, but I still needed a USB cord to connect my laptop to the printer for the first time. Now that I have it, I'm definitely be using it for printing out all those drafts for my English final. 

Simply Balance Granola // These were on sale and I needed something to munch one once Finals start tomorrow. I love granola and look foreword to trying these out soon. 

Tazo Zen Green Tea // This tea was mentioned in my 2014 Favorites Part 2 and it currently has no competition. I actually got two boxes because they were having a sale and also snagged a Tazo Fresh Mint tea that I will be trying out. It's not pictured above because I am currently making some tea as I type! 

St Ives Oatmeal Scrub + Mask  // I really love St Ives products and this is a new product! It smells amazing and feels like lotion. I got it for my younger brothers who have started to acquire acne, but I'm definitely be using it once in a while. 

Memo Holder // Who can't resist going into the dollar section of Target? I got a paper clip memo holder for my desk for those important items that need to be signed for school.

Pastel blue green bins // Everything is actually sitting inside these bins I found in the dollar section. They're really simple and I'll be using them to separate my crafting supplies and my school supplies that have started to clutter my desk. 

That's it for today! I hope y'all enjoyed my short haul! Thanks for reading! 


Hey guys!

Here's a short update of what's been going on in my life. 

I totally forgot Finals were next week. I thought they were at the end of the month, but I was wrong. Which was the reason I didn't get to post as much as I wanted to this week. I was taking the time to study for my tests and trying to figure out how to word my English final lecture. It was one of the options of the essay, and I decided it was easier to write like that instead of an essay format for now. 

My African American Heritage Studies has a very simple family tree type of Final where I'm suppose to talk a bit about my family. The only Final I'm worried about is math because well, I know I'm going to forget something. Or calculate something wrong. Math makes me the most nervous out of all of the Finals. But I'll have hope that I'll do well since it is my last year. Might as well go out with a bang. 

I have been doing great with my drinking more water resolution. Although I haven't really been keeping up with drinking one glass of milk a day, I have been drinking at least a half a cup. I seem to have an aversion to regular milk now. Look who needs to get some chocolate milk next grocery trip~!

I haven't been writing a poem/short story thing in a while because of school which sucks. But I have gotten caught up with the number poems I've missed. I'm going to work on the shorty stories once finals are over since there's a four day break. Maybe I'll adjust the short story amount or I'll just do half a page a day. I'll see once finals are over. 

I've also started to save money for future items except my dad seems to want me to spend it all next week at the mall. I'm just going to bring a small bit of money to ease temptation a bit. At least it'll be a treat after surviving finals. 

Next week I'm not too sure about my ability to post. I have a few posts ready, so I'll see if I'll be able to post them with my busy schedule. If not, I'll just post about needing a break for the week on Monday if it looks like I'm too busy to post anything. 

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! What have you been up to this week? 

Tippin' Tuesday//Keep The Goals Going

Hey guys!

I haven’t done a Tippin’ Tuesday for what seems like a long time. This series hasn’t really going as I planned it, but this year I’m going to try and keep it consistent. 

Anyway, here's some ways to keep your 2015 New Year's goals going throughout the year. 

Write it down
Writing things down help cement your goals in your mind. The movement of your hands physically enables your body to remember things which is why once you learn to ride a bike, it's easy to repeat the motions and you can learn new tricks after basic pedaling. This is why writing your goals down can help remind you what you want to accomplish.

See it everywhere
If you see your goals regularly, then you can always remember what you want to accomplish. You can set reminders on your phone or create posters with your goals on it. Whatever works for you. 

Reflect on it 
Don't just stick to your goal-evaluate it. Reflect on whether or not it'll help you in the long run. Having goals is good, but having goals that don't benefit you aren't. Make sure your goals are something you really want and that they aren't based on other people's opinion. Also reflect on how far you've come in trying to achieve your goals as the year goes on. It's always good to take a moment and figure out where you are in achieving your goals. 

That's it for today! I hope y'all's week is going great! Thanks for reading! 

Haul//Old Navy

Hey guys!

During Christmas I got a $50 gift card to Old Navy. My brothers and I get them annually from one of my brother's godmother. This year we all got $50 with a total of $200 to spend at Old Navy. I usually don't go to Old Navy because it's far from my house and I don't usually like the assortment of items, but this year I found a few things that I really like. 

Three sports bras
New bras are always good to add to a wardrobe. I got these because there are days where I need more support with certain shirts. One was on sale for about $6 while the other two were 40% off. 

They're all in a small, but a tight small. It was hard to take them off after I tried them on, but I'll deal with it. This gives me an excuse to get arm muscle to get them off quicker. 

Three tank tops
These were about $3.50 each except for the purple which was $0.99. Tanks tops are very versatile and great for layering in winter. I like to have a lot of these because some of my clothes look better with something underneath. 

Sports tank
Since I've decided to exercise again, I needed something to change into after school. I like the bright pink color and it's a little bit big on me. That's alright though because looser shirts are easier for me to exercise in. 

Long sleeved v neck in burgundy
Everyone needs a basic long sleeve. I got a dark color because everyone has grey. Also I liked the way the color makes me look a little older (like I'm actually 18!). 

That's it for today! Hope y'all like my quick haul. Thanks for reading! 


Hey guys!

I haven't really updating you guys about my personal life lately! December was a very busy month for me, since I decided to blog the whole month. That was fun, but exhausting. Daily blogging definitely isn't for me. Anyway, here's what I've been up to...

Finals are almost upon us in California! Near the middle of January is when my high school does its finals, so I will be extremely busy as the month goes on. I'm focusing my energy on math and English. My English teacher had already given us the topic for our essay and all we have to do is bring the finished product on the day of the final. Yes, he did give us at least a month to work on our final. He's such a nice teacher! I already have some kind of idea of what to write and all that's left is to research, research, research.

Math is on the balance for me. I just really need to memorize the formulas and make sure I don't get the steps wrong. Sometimes it's the small things that mess me up. 

My 2015 Goals post has a few health goals. Drinking water is a given for most people as I'm sure most of us drink more soda or juice than water. But milk? My bones aren't getting any younger and I want my body to be strong in all aspects. Which is why I have those on my goals list. Exercise is also a given, but this year I'm definitely going to stick with it. I've already done a bit of it each day, so hopefully it ends up becoming a good habit.

My sleeping habits need more work though. I have woken up early, but I still need to work on doing some kind of work in the morning instead of procrastinating. Once school comes back in session (in two days!), I'll start doing my work right after school to use my time more wisely.

My writing goals have gone on without a hitch. I already have four pages of writing for the last two days and after this post goes up, I'll be writing more! Since I like having some kind of music in the background when I write, I've started to look for white noise playlists on Spotify.

Since I'm starting to have a shopping addiction (clothes shopping once a week is bbaaaddd!), I've decided that each time I stop myself from buying random junk I'll reward myself by making food or a DIY item. I want to get into making bracelets and jewelry again. It's a fun hobby that maybe I can expand once I start taking college classes next year. 

If you guys didn't see the new post yesterday, I started a Style It series where I will be making outfits based on a theme! Those will be posted every other week on Fridays! 

That's all for today! I hope y'all had a great Christmas and New Year's Eve! Thanks for reading! 

Style It//Comfy&Casual

Hey guys!

These outfits are what I typically wear when I don’t feel like being too dressy for the day. They’re great for just chillin', doing fun things with my friends, or just being all around lazy. When I think comfy and casual, jeans are what usually come to mind. Leggings are also great for days when you just want to relax.

Let's Run Away

1. Let's Run Away 
Jeans are perfect because they match anything. Pictured above is what I usually wear on lazy days. Skinny jeans are effortlessly pretty and throwing on a nice shirt with a cardigan makes anyone look well put together.

Swish and Flick

2. Swish and Flick 
Skirts can also have a casual vibe if you style it right. I have an obsession with skirt, and this is how I try to stay warm when wearing them. And yes. I couldn’t resist the Time Turner. 

Catch Up on Some Zzz's

3. Catch Up on Some Zzz's

Slip on some comfy leggings and a huge pullover and you’re ready for the afternoon nap you scheduled after school. Add some flare with wedged booties and simple accessories with a touch of makeup to look like you’re ready for anything.

All these outfits are just suggestions on what you could wear to when you’re feeling like you should’ve stayed home instead of gone to school or work. Modify each outfit to your specific taste to make it you. And 10 points to your house if you caught the other Harry Potter reference besides the time turner.

How do you guys style the comfy and casual look? Thanks for reading!


Hey guys!

Happy New Year’s! Every year people make resolutions or goals that they want to achieve each year. Most people stick with it for the first few weeks, but lose their drive by February. I found that telling people about your goals for the New Year will guilt yourself into conquering your goals. So here I am, telling you guys what I am going to try and achieve by next year.

I tried to make these goals realistic and easy to remember. I don’t want to try reaching too high because let’s face it. I’m going to forget half the goals on this post if I don’t write them down.

Here there are:

Stop procrastinating
I’m sure lots of people have this on their 2015 goals. My procrastination has gotten worst than usual. I definitely need to work on this.  

Drink 4 glasses of water a day
I don’t even drink 1 glass, but I definitely need to start drinking water more to stay healthy

Drink 1 glass of milk a day
For strong healthy bones!

Sleep before 12
I am guilty of sleeping in too much. I really need to change my sleeping schedule

Exercise once a day for at least 5 minutes
I gotta start small! Once I build up a routine, I’m hoping to end up exercising once a day for at least 30 minutes

Organize my room once a week
My room can get cluttered fast. Spending some time to make sure everything is where it should be will hopefully make my life less stressful.

Clean the house more
Because having three younger brothers mean that it can get dirty quickly.

Learn how to french braid
Or learn how to braid a variety of styles. I can play around with my hair that way instead of dying like I wanted to.

Start a youtube channel
There’s something that should be in a video. And I thought it would be fun to learn how to edit them.

Create printables
I’ve been on a hunt to learn how to make printables. I thought it would be simple, but it isn’t. Maybe sometimes this year, you’ll see the fruit of my labor.

Create a soundtrack for my blog
If movies, tumblr blogs, and myspace have them, why not I? I think it would be fun to see how I can express my blog in music.

Write a short fictional story once a day
Plan a novel and start writing a chapter once a week
Write a poem a day
All three of these are very similar. I am looking at a future of cramped hands and filled journals. I have filled up a few notebooks with daily entries in 2014 and I’m very excited to start blocking off time for writing.

There’s my 2015 goals! I hope everything has started their first day on a good note! Thanks for reading!