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Hey guys!

During Christmas I got a $50 gift card to Old Navy. My brothers and I get them annually from one of my brother's godmother. This year we all got $50 with a total of $200 to spend at Old Navy. I usually don't go to Old Navy because it's far from my house and I don't usually like the assortment of items, but this year I found a few things that I really like. 

Three sports bras
New bras are always good to add to a wardrobe. I got these because there are days where I need more support with certain shirts. One was on sale for about $6 while the other two were 40% off. 

They're all in a small, but a tight small. It was hard to take them off after I tried them on, but I'll deal with it. This gives me an excuse to get arm muscle to get them off quicker. 

Three tank tops
These were about $3.50 each except for the purple which was $0.99. Tanks tops are very versatile and great for layering in winter. I like to have a lot of these because some of my clothes look better with something underneath. 

Sports tank
Since I've decided to exercise again, I needed something to change into after school. I like the bright pink color and it's a little bit big on me. That's alright though because looser shirts are easier for me to exercise in. 

Long sleeved v neck in burgundy
Everyone needs a basic long sleeve. I got a dark color because everyone has grey. Also I liked the way the color makes me look a little older (like I'm actually 18!). 

That's it for today! Hope y'all like my quick haul. Thanks for reading! 

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