Hey guys!

Here is the first of many hauls in 2015! After school I went to Target with my brother and dad to buy some cotton swabs, but somehow ended up with a cartful of items. Here's what I got from Target!

Bellkin Printer Cable // I got a wireless printer as a birthday present from my dad, but I still needed a USB cord to connect my laptop to the printer for the first time. Now that I have it, I'm definitely be using it for printing out all those drafts for my English final. 

Simply Balance Granola // These were on sale and I needed something to munch one once Finals start tomorrow. I love granola and look foreword to trying these out soon. 

Tazo Zen Green Tea // This tea was mentioned in my 2014 Favorites Part 2 and it currently has no competition. I actually got two boxes because they were having a sale and also snagged a Tazo Fresh Mint tea that I will be trying out. It's not pictured above because I am currently making some tea as I type! 

St Ives Oatmeal Scrub + Mask  // I really love St Ives products and this is a new product! It smells amazing and feels like lotion. I got it for my younger brothers who have started to acquire acne, but I'm definitely be using it once in a while. 

Memo Holder // Who can't resist going into the dollar section of Target? I got a paper clip memo holder for my desk for those important items that need to be signed for school.

Pastel blue green bins // Everything is actually sitting inside these bins I found in the dollar section. They're really simple and I'll be using them to separate my crafting supplies and my school supplies that have started to clutter my desk. 

That's it for today! I hope y'all enjoyed my short haul! Thanks for reading! 

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