Hey guys!

I haven't really updating you guys about my personal life lately! December was a very busy month for me, since I decided to blog the whole month. That was fun, but exhausting. Daily blogging definitely isn't for me. Anyway, here's what I've been up to...

Finals are almost upon us in California! Near the middle of January is when my high school does its finals, so I will be extremely busy as the month goes on. I'm focusing my energy on math and English. My English teacher had already given us the topic for our essay and all we have to do is bring the finished product on the day of the final. Yes, he did give us at least a month to work on our final. He's such a nice teacher! I already have some kind of idea of what to write and all that's left is to research, research, research.

Math is on the balance for me. I just really need to memorize the formulas and make sure I don't get the steps wrong. Sometimes it's the small things that mess me up. 

My 2015 Goals post has a few health goals. Drinking water is a given for most people as I'm sure most of us drink more soda or juice than water. But milk? My bones aren't getting any younger and I want my body to be strong in all aspects. Which is why I have those on my goals list. Exercise is also a given, but this year I'm definitely going to stick with it. I've already done a bit of it each day, so hopefully it ends up becoming a good habit.

My sleeping habits need more work though. I have woken up early, but I still need to work on doing some kind of work in the morning instead of procrastinating. Once school comes back in session (in two days!), I'll start doing my work right after school to use my time more wisely.

My writing goals have gone on without a hitch. I already have four pages of writing for the last two days and after this post goes up, I'll be writing more! Since I like having some kind of music in the background when I write, I've started to look for white noise playlists on Spotify.

Since I'm starting to have a shopping addiction (clothes shopping once a week is bbaaaddd!), I've decided that each time I stop myself from buying random junk I'll reward myself by making food or a DIY item. I want to get into making bracelets and jewelry again. It's a fun hobby that maybe I can expand once I start taking college classes next year. 

If you guys didn't see the new post yesterday, I started a Style It series where I will be making outfits based on a theme! Those will be posted every other week on Fridays! 

That's all for today! I hope y'all had a great Christmas and New Year's Eve! Thanks for reading! 

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