Hey guys!
This week was exhausting! Which is why I wasn’t able to upload the blog posts that I wanted to, but it’s okay. So here’s what happened…

Math has become somewhat bearable. I understand this chapter of the lesson, but graphs. Graphs kill me. At least I’m doing better than last semester in my opinion. All my other classes are going well. I now have Psychology 1 as my semester class and I find it fascinating.

This week was full of naps and not enough workouts. School has been exhausting which of course, causes me to sleep different times every day. My goal for the next week is to sleep before 2 o’clock since I usually sleep around then.

I have been really good at not spending a lot of money on random junk. I did break down today and bought a few things at a thrift shop, but they were having a 50% off sale. I couldn’t pass it up. There might even been a post about it tomorrow if I get around to it. I did only get a few things that I thought I’d wear a lot and I thought I needed. There’s always a lot of room for basics.

I attempted to make some kind of attractive photo for this series, but everything was just wrong. Maybe next week I’ll get a stroke of genius and find the right picture for this series. In other news, my book blog has been somewhat revived. I am planning a few series that would hopefully get me into the spirit of blogging about books more. Why I haven’t really talking about books lately is because I’ve never found the time. But now I will make time. Hopefully, everyone reading my book blog will see the fruits of my labour.

That’s it for this week! What have you been up to? Thanks for reading!

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