Hey guys!

I’ve been reading a lot of minimalist blogs lately and I’ve become utterly fascinated with the lifestyle. Not only can these people work a 33 piece wardrobe, they can mix and match like it’s not anyone’s business. Man, they can do it all. 

But I’m not about that life. Although I really love the concept and understand how freeing it is to have less items and using your money to instead experience life more, it’s not for me at this moment. Right now as a teenager, I believe is a time to experiment the more outrageous styles. There’s something about being young and wild that really helps pull off a crazy outfit. It’s not that being older makes it look weird or ugly, but being older comes with a maturity that needs to be dealt with in it’s own time. 

Maybe that’s why I’m so fascinated with the minimalist lifestyle. People are forced to go find their version of basics, figure out what they really need in their life, and just be. It looks so refreshing to have a small closet and live a life with less items. They get creative like The Private Life of Girl who I admire because who doesn’t love her simple yet helpful posts? Others help spread the word like INTO MIND who has a really large archive about how to achieve a minimalist life. Of course, there’s Becoming Minimalist who have an array of inspiring blog posts about why people want so much, why sometimes you gotta have less, and lots of guest posts about different topics.  

Although I stated that I believe that in your teenage years, it’s great to experiment with outrageous styles, I feel like some teens can live a minimalist life. Which is why I’m trying it out. I’m definitely not doing the 33 piece wardrobe because I love a lot of my clothes, but I will sort through my clothes to see what I don’t wear anymore and sort through all of my belongings to figure out what I really love and what I should part with. 

I’m coming into that time of life where I’m starting to figure out who I want to be. I’ve realized that a minimalist life may be a part of it, but not a huge part. I would like to be able to pick something out of my wardrobe and style it to make it more me. I already have an idea of what my basics are, but I’ll be implementing my new minimalist ways at the start of February because I do need some time to go through my closet and household. Of course, with a large family filled with boys who constantly need more clothes because of rough housing and a dad who uses shopping as therapy (I’m serious, I think I’m a shopaholic because of him), this new life style may be hard to fully immerse myself in. 

I’ll try though. That’s what I think is more important. Even if I fail at being a full minimalist, at least I figured out some of my priorities in life. I can already invision my smaller library and it’s kind of giving me a heart attack. I better start purging now before I chicken out. 

What are your thoughts on minimalism? 

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