Hey guys!

Happy New Year’s! Every year people make resolutions or goals that they want to achieve each year. Most people stick with it for the first few weeks, but lose their drive by February. I found that telling people about your goals for the New Year will guilt yourself into conquering your goals. So here I am, telling you guys what I am going to try and achieve by next year.

I tried to make these goals realistic and easy to remember. I don’t want to try reaching too high because let’s face it. I’m going to forget half the goals on this post if I don’t write them down.

Here there are:

Stop procrastinating
I’m sure lots of people have this on their 2015 goals. My procrastination has gotten worst than usual. I definitely need to work on this.  

Drink 4 glasses of water a day
I don’t even drink 1 glass, but I definitely need to start drinking water more to stay healthy

Drink 1 glass of milk a day
For strong healthy bones!

Sleep before 12
I am guilty of sleeping in too much. I really need to change my sleeping schedule

Exercise once a day for at least 5 minutes
I gotta start small! Once I build up a routine, I’m hoping to end up exercising once a day for at least 30 minutes

Organize my room once a week
My room can get cluttered fast. Spending some time to make sure everything is where it should be will hopefully make my life less stressful.

Clean the house more
Because having three younger brothers mean that it can get dirty quickly.

Learn how to french braid
Or learn how to braid a variety of styles. I can play around with my hair that way instead of dying like I wanted to.

Start a youtube channel
There’s something that should be in a video. And I thought it would be fun to learn how to edit them.

Create printables
I’ve been on a hunt to learn how to make printables. I thought it would be simple, but it isn’t. Maybe sometimes this year, you’ll see the fruit of my labor.

Create a soundtrack for my blog
If movies, tumblr blogs, and myspace have them, why not I? I think it would be fun to see how I can express my blog in music.

Write a short fictional story once a day
Plan a novel and start writing a chapter once a week
Write a poem a day
All three of these are very similar. I am looking at a future of cramped hands and filled journals. I have filled up a few notebooks with daily entries in 2014 and I’m very excited to start blocking off time for writing.

There’s my 2015 goals! I hope everything has started their first day on a good note! Thanks for reading!

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