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Hey guys!

I haven’t done a review in a long time! I don't think I've mentioned my Jessica Simpson jeans on my blog yet, so I decided to do a review of them! So here we are! What I think of the Jessica Simpson jeans and whether or not they’re worth it.

I got my first two pairs of Jessica Simpson items during a sale in Macy’s. I came on a good day where there was a wide variety of jeans on the sales rack and was able to score both high waisted shorts and high waisted jeans. They were some of my first high waisted items since I came very late to the fashion trend.

They were about less than $15 dollars, but were originally about $60 which was a steal. It’s a lot better price than that one time I accidentally bought two more pairs when they weren’t on sale. My dad gave me the evil eye, but bought them for me anyways. Oh the perks of being the only girl.

Anyway~! The Kiss Me Skinny Jeggings material feels so soft and they’re stretchy. I love them because my legs look so good in them. I got them in a short 26 and they fit pretty well. They stop exactly at my ankles and fit every curve. I do feel like I should be wearing seamless underwear or at least something that doesn’t give me a wedgie when I wear them. Since they show every curve, they also show panty lines. Those are a no-no.

The high waisted jeans and shorts really are high waisted. I have the Uptown Girl High Waisted Jeans, and Vintage Highwaisted Shorts and Jeans. The Uptown Girl High Waisted jeans are kind of stiff. They are comfortable to move in, but they aren’t as soft as the Kiss Me Skinny Jeggings. The vintage high waisted shorts are really stretchy. They ride up a bit and although I’m okay with it most of the time, it can get annoying. While the jeans are stretchy, they don’t ride up as much. The jeans do hit right where my ankle starts and they are also easy to manage. But it’s really easy for these jeans to get lint on, so unless you’re okay with it, bring a lint roller.

All in all, if you have the money, buy the jeans. They’re a great quality and are easy to style. If you don’t have the money, wait for a sale or coupons because these jeans can get pretty expensive.

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading! What do you think of the Jessica Simpson collection?

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