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Hey guys!

These outfits are what I typically wear when I don’t feel like being too dressy for the day. They’re great for just chillin', doing fun things with my friends, or just being all around lazy. When I think comfy and casual, jeans are what usually come to mind. Leggings are also great for days when you just want to relax.

Let's Run Away

1. Let's Run Away 
Jeans are perfect because they match anything. Pictured above is what I usually wear on lazy days. Skinny jeans are effortlessly pretty and throwing on a nice shirt with a cardigan makes anyone look well put together.

Swish and Flick

2. Swish and Flick 
Skirts can also have a casual vibe if you style it right. I have an obsession with skirt, and this is how I try to stay warm when wearing them. And yes. I couldn’t resist the Time Turner. 

Catch Up on Some Zzz's

3. Catch Up on Some Zzz's

Slip on some comfy leggings and a huge pullover and you’re ready for the afternoon nap you scheduled after school. Add some flare with wedged booties and simple accessories with a touch of makeup to look like you’re ready for anything.

All these outfits are just suggestions on what you could wear to when you’re feeling like you should’ve stayed home instead of gone to school or work. Modify each outfit to your specific taste to make it you. And 10 points to your house if you caught the other Harry Potter reference besides the time turner.

How do you guys style the comfy and casual look? Thanks for reading!

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