Tippin' Tuesday//Think Positive

Hey guys!

Some days you just want to think "Today is a horrible day and it's never going to get better!" and consequently, it doesn't get better. I think almost everyone does this when we really shouldn't. A negative mind creates negative outcomes because you're expecting them. You're the one creating them since you're the only one who's in control of your day. So here’s how to think positive when you really don’t want to.

This may sound silly, but making reminders for you to stop and just be really do help. You can make them a random day to day occurrence or have a set time to stop and think. What’s really causing your bad day? How can you change it? Sometimes all it takes is a bit of thinking to realize that some problems can be resolved very easily.

What is it? I still haven’t found the one yet, but I do have a few:

Don’t let the opinion of others consume you.
You write your own story. Don’t let anyone write it for you.
Food is good for you. So eat that chocolate.
Forget the haters, they’re only jealous of what you have that they don’t.

So get a mantra and recite it every time you’re having a bad day. It’ll help boost moral and drives you to the goal you want in life.

One bad day isn’t going to ruin the rest of your life. I’ll admit that sometimes I forget this. But the next day I’ve already forgotten what happened the day before because it’s a brand new day. There’s a lot you can do with another 24 hours. Remember that the end is going to end soon and you’ll be able to put the day behind you.

That’s it for today! What do you do to think positive? Thanks for reading!

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