Tippin' Tuesday//Time For the Goals

Hey guys!

Now this post is different from last week's Tippin' Tuesday. I'm serious, keeping the goals going is totally different from finding time to get the goals. I bet you have no idea what I'm saying? Basically, this is what I do to actually find time to meet my New Years goals.

Productive Mornings
Getting things done in the morning always set the tone for the day. Lots of other bloggers know that mornings are what make or break your day. So start the day by doing something that'll help you towards your goal even if it's something small. It'll be easier for you to work on other projects without worrying about whether or not you’re fulfilling your resolutions.

Cut The Crap
I spend a lot of time on Facebook and twitter when I really should be doing something productive like homework or writing. I try to replace the time I would've spent on Facebook by having all of my supplies near me so that I'm not tempted to slouch about my work. I'm still trying to resist temptation, but taking time that would've been spent on frivolous games or gossip and turning it into something productive really helps with getting your NYE goals done.

Fill the Breaks in Life
Obviously there will be times in the day where you're on the bus or train where you can spend some time working on your goals. Of course, if it's to exercise more I have no idea how you'd do that on a bus or a train, so I suggest on focusing on something else like writing or anything that won't get you kicked off the bus/train. The time adds up so use those breaks wisely.

That's it for today! I hope y'all fulfill your NYE goals this year instead of forgetting them halfway through the year! Thanks for reading!

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