Tippin' Tuesday//Turn That Bad Day Around Babe

Hey guys!

Sometimes Tuesdays don't go as planned. Actually, any day can go wrong at the drop of a hat. But don't let a bad day bring you down! So here's how I try to make a bad day turn around~! 

Stop and breathe. The world is not out to get you. It's just an accumulation of mistakes created by various people somehow being projected onto to you. The day is going to end and a new one will start. Just breathe and soon it'll be over. 

Whether it's buying your favorite snack or a new book, get something small will brighten your day. Try to keep it a small treat so you don't feel guilty later for splurging on a new Coach bag or makeup. Unless it's been a week of hell then you can definitely justify getting a new bag. 

I talked about how amazing Superwoman is in my 2014 Favorites Part 2 post. She's hilarious and I love her humor. Not only can she put a smile on anyone's face, it also turns a bad day around with her witty comments and accents. But you can also watch your favorite comedian. Whatever you floats your boat. 

A bad day is a good day to just spend time on yourself. You've been through a crappy day, so why not spend some time reading, giving yourself a manicure, or watching your favorite show? Take the time to unwind with your favorite activity. End the day on a high note. 

That's it for today! What do you do to turn a bad day around? Thanks for reading! 

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