Haul//The Body Shop & Charlotte Russe

Hey guys!

I went to the mall Sunday to buy a present for one of my dad’s friend’s daughter. Dads are hopeless when it comes to birthday presents (at least, my dad is). While I was there I picked up a few things that I needed. Or well, I thought I needed. I’m just glad I only stopped at two shops. So here’s what I got.

Sunday was the first time I went into The Body Shop. Oh yes, the very first time. I was slightly intimidated with all the sweet smelling items, but I buckled down and only got a few things. I liked the smell of their hand sanitizer and got four where the other three where basically for free as there was a deal going on. The facial brush was adorable and I needed to replace the one I bought at Daiso which is slowly losing it’s functionality. The gloves were a impulse buy as I needed a new scrub and I’ve seen gloves were what most bloggers liked to use. Besides it was $5 which was a steal compared to if you buy something similar in WalMart or Target. 

I bought socks from Charlotte Russe because I am addicted to them. I’m serious guys! I’m like Dumbledore where I horde pretty socks to keep my feet warm at night. But I only wear crew socks to sleep as anything else is too long or too short. Anyway, I bought knee high and over the knee high socks because I have none. Yes. None. They were $0.99 each and I was very happy. I only got five pairs because I knew if I got more, I’d have to get a closet just for socks. Yup. That’s how far my sock addiction is slowly progressing to. I did get various colors and textures. I especially love the basic grey over the knee high socks. 

That’s it for today! Hope you guys have had a great day! What have you been buying lately?

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