Hey guys!

Last week I was swamped with work so I don't think I posted a Life Happens or if I did, I posted a short one. This week was actually manageable and not much happened. But here's what did...

I am understanding math. Finally! This chapter seems a lot easier than earlier ones, but I guess it's because we're not using numbers in the equations. Instead, we need to remember the order and then plug in whatever numbers we get from the problem. That's a lot easier for me to remember than other equations. School has been going by pretty fast and I'm nervous for graduation. 

Graduation is fast approaching and I am so not ready. Although I know what I'm going to do after high school, I'm still having jitters about what I'm going to do. At least I have a plan, right? 

Sleep has been iffy for me. Some days I have enough and others not. Hopefully I settle down once spring break comes. I really want to be able to sleep at a constant time everyday. 

I have been trying to eat healthy, but I just can't seem to find what works for me. I eat less junk food than when I was fifteen, but it's still a considerable amount. I really need to get my cravings down ASAP. 

Mentally exhausted from school, but physically ready to do anything. My brain wants to do a lot of different things that aren't homework which is what I should really be focusing on. I'm trying to find a time to do what I need to and what I want to and it's okay alright. 

My closet is coming along nicely by the way. I'm thinking of doing a series about how I'm slowly finding my style (and the room for everything!), but with school I'm not sure if I can remember to type anything up. We'll see once Monday rolls along.

As mentioned above, once Monday hits I might have a few blog posts that aren't Tippin' Tuesday or Style It related. I have a few reviews to write and I know I have some kind of tags that I still need to do. Oh the life of a procrastinator. 

That's it for this week! Hope y'all had a wonderful week! Thanks for reading! 

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