Hey guys!

This week has gone by really fast! Here's what I've been up to...

Math has been going pretty well for me. I totally understand the concepts, but remembering them is still an issue for me. I swear I have to worst memory. 

I have Psychology now for my second semester. It's pretty fun to learn, but so much to take it. I really love the class though. All my other classes have been normal. 

I have been really good at keeping my shopping impulses to a minimum. Since I usually shop at thrift stores or Ross, I have been really good at spending less on items that I won't use, and instead on things I will use. 

My quest for having a more organized room and less items that I don't need has been going pretty well. Not only have I purged my closet of unnessary stuff, I have gotten rid of other items that haven't been adding anything into my life, but messiness.

I've started to be more organized with my blogging. I currently have a few posts ready for next month (or tomorrow?!). I also have a surprise for you guys when April comes around! I can't wait to announce it near the end of March! 

That's it for this week! Hope you guys had a great week! Thanks for reading! 

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