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Hey guys!

These looks were inspired by a few of my favorite animes. Although I don’t personally dress similar as an anime character, I do know a few people who base their outfits on K-Pop artists. Not only do they look good, but they’re also showing off their geeky side which I love. You gotta embrace the geek side!

The Priestess

Based on Kikyo from Inuyasha, the white blouse gives the red drawstring pants a more feminine look. Kikyo was known as a powerful priestess, but she gives off a solemn vibe with a hidden girly side. Black sneakers and a feminine necklace gives more illusion to her sporty, yet playful side.  

Believe It!

Naruto is one of my favorite animes to date. His signature orange jumpsuit has been changed into a vest with a blue blazer to give it a more modern look. Green cargo shorts are perfect in giving a more sporty vibe as he is a ninja. Heeled ankle boots are a staple among the kunoichi in Naruto. They’re both cute and functional. An anbu necklace pulls everything together, giving everyone a hint as who inspired this outfit. This outfit is perfect for a casual date among friends and going out with the family.
If You Want To Be A Master!

Although this outfit isn’t based on any characters in Pokemon, this outfit is good for a stroll around the mall or school. It’s simple Pokemon logo shows that you’re in the know about what’s happened in the Pokemon world while the black shorts give it a more playful side. Accessorize any way you want to make it unique to you. (Can you recognize which theme song the title comes from?)

That’s it for today! zA suprise is coming up next week! Can you guess what it is? Here's a hint, it's in these outfits! Thanks for reading!

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