Tippin' Tuesday//What NOT to Fall in Love With

Do NOT fall in love 

With his hair 
Dark and messy, making the urge to touch it intensify. Falling over his eyes, making him feel more and more like he can eat you alive. And you wouldn't mind. 

With his eyes
They enchant your soul with every glance you take. They will drown you alive, stealing your breathe away. You won't be able to escape once he has you in his grasp. 

With his smile
Spinning it's spell on you as it's eyes enchant you. You'll think of his lips, how they'd feel, and sink deeper and deeper into his magic. 

With his voice
Sleek and sweet, drawing you closer to him as he speaks. It'll weave the spell tighter and tighter as you strain to forget him every night with his voice echoing in your head. 

With his body 
An imposing figure as he strides, his body tall and lean. Towering over you, encasing you in his musky cologne. The scent paralyzingly you for a few moments, perfect for him to be catch you. He'll use his height to corner you, make you touch his armorhischestorhishand, and you'll catch your breathe. Because despit his hard muscle and sharp angles, his is soft enough for you to want him at night. 

With his mind
His intellengence will disarm you. Catch you off guard as you try to escape. But it's too late. Already his very being is inside of you and he's nailed your coffin the moment he's had you. His mind racing every minute, able to keep up with you, able to outsmart you. He's what keeps you guessing and makes you feel alive. 

He'll devour you. Mind and body, he'll stake a claim and swallow you whole. You'll give everything, but it'll never be enough. He wants more, craves more, because he knows he can enchant and consume with just a few moves. He will have you then discard you. You'll be another girl, another memory. Don't let him deceive you. 

Do NOT fall in love

I was going to post something entirely different, but this demanded to be on the blog. I was playing around with my poetry and somehow ended up with this. All characteristics are usually what I like in a lover so I focused on those. I also used the pronoun, "he" because it's easier to write and if I wrote about a woman, it would've ended up entirely different. Most things are intentional except for spelling mistakes if I forget to change some. Thoughts? 

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 

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