Hey guys!

Today I went to the mall with my family where I thought I'd contain my shopping addiction. But I somehow ended up with a few items. One of them is a present for my younger cousin while the rest I thought would make nice additions to my wardrobe. 

I finally caved and bought two candy making kits. I was going to buy them online, but I couldn't resist them. I decided on the ones above because they looked the easiest to make. 

I loved shopping at Spencer's when I was younger, but I haven't gone shopping there as much. I fell I love all over again once I saw the pokemon snapbacks. I don't wear hats that often, but I couldn't resist snagging one of them. I choose Charizard because he was moody and cranky all the time. Just like a teenager. And I thought the orange rim looked pretty cool. To go with the SnapBack, I found some suspenders. Not only are they adorable, they'll also help hold my skirts up because some of them just won't stay in one place. Suspenders are pretty cool. 

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 

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