OOTD//Inspired By Sango (Or Why You Shouldn';t Let Your Brother Take Pictures of You)

Hey guys!

Warning! Blurry picture and slight profanity coming your way! Don’t worry! It’s mild! :D

Welcome to my first Outfit of the Day post on this blog! I finally got around to having a full body picture of me. Of course, it’s not the best because as the title says, brothers aren’t the best at taking pictures of sisters. (That rhymed!) They look at you like you’re about to jump off a cliff and asked if they wanted to come along and swim with the fishes. Dramatic simile? Yes. Appropriate? Hell yes! I can’t wait for a society where taking pictures of your outfits in public places becomes the norm. And you don’t have to be a model to have an excuse.

Dramatization of future conversation

“Oh don’t worry, it’s for the blog!”

“Oh really?! You’re so cool!”

Well, life doesn’t have to end up that way, but it would be fun to imagine. Anyway, here is the blurry picture in all of its glory.

I based my outfit on Sango’s battle armor. I had clothes that fit more for that outfit, so I went for it. It’s not an exact match because I’m trying to make it more me. That’s the point of this outfit. It reminds me of Sango, but at the same time not. The burgundy long sleeve and high waisted pants is her full body black and pink ( I think it’s pink?! ) suit. Boots for running around in to remind myself to be as badass as her when she’s slaying demons. My vintage jean jacket to add more cover from the California wind and my hair down instead of up. I thought I’d look more relaxed if I went with her softer side when it came to her hair. I used a type of hair tie that has a cool enclosure that hides the black tie. It’s very pretty.

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading!

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