Shipping Wars//Ash's Love Interests

Hey guys!

I know a lot of people ship Ash with basically almost all of his female companions at some point or another. There's different ship names for different couples, but I will forever suppose Ash and Misty.

Misty was the first person to join Ash in his adventures. She was feisty and didn't take crap from anyone. She was known as the 'Tomboy Mermaid' as opposed to her three older sisters who were really really girly. She not only kept Brock in place, she was able to handle Ash's Pokemon when they were mad at him. Except for Charazard. He was going through his teenage years.

Misty was the type of girl who I admired when I was younger. She didn't care what others thought of her and tried her hardest to prove to herself that she can make out in the world without her sisters. She knew when to be use her fists and when to use her more feminine qualities.

She was perfect for Ash. And then idiots started to ship him with the other girls. Here's why they're wrong.

May has Drew. Everyone sees that connection. Wake up guys.

Dawn has Kenny (Or Paul). The best friend that turns into potential lover? Heck yes! Or the rival turn love interest! Oh my!

Dawn has Cilian (or whatever his name is spelled). Yes guys. They can work.

Selena/Serena/Whoever she is, will end up just like the rest. No matter what anyone says, because Ash has been too thick skinned to notice anyone.

Let's be honest. Once Ash grows up, he'll notice girls. And it's going to be Misty. Or I'm going to to be very mad as I'm sure a number of people are right now that would really like Ash to stop being an idiot.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!

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