Shipping Wars//Inuyasha VS Sesshomaru

Hey guys! 

If you don't know what a ship is, it's basically a couple who may or may not really be together, but people like to have them together. It doesn't have to be a romantic kind of ship, but that's the most popular as people love romance. People ship celebs, book characters, basically anyone with anything. Take Drapple. Draco Malfoy is shipped with the apple he eats in fourth year. I don't understand this pairing myself, but I think it's hilarious. 

Since this week was focused on the manga/anime Inuyasha, I'm sharing my favorite pairing in that series with all if y'all. 

Sesshomaru X Kagome. I'm unsure of their ship name as I've only started to ship them last year. I was a total Inuyasha X Kagome shipper, until I realized why they wouldn't work in real life. 

Inuyasha sees Kikyo in Kagome. He always compares her to his dead, clay lover. If I was Kagome, I would've sat his ass to the middle of the earth. Who wants your future boyfriend/hubby telling you that you look like his ex? No one! 

Inuyasha doesn't really value Kagome. Although he acknowledges her in certain moments of the anime, he still brings her down. Granted, it started to sound like he's just looking out for her, but damnit Inuyasha! That's not how you show concern. Just tell her you dolt. 

Inuyasha is fickle. He couldn't leave Kikyo even despite the fact she had become a clay doll who tried to drag him down to hell. Um, hello? Are you really this stupid? And he has the audacity to keep Kagome from having any romantic interest in anyone else by taking up all her attention and going behind the group's back to sleep with enemy. No uh mister. That's a no no.

That's why I don't like Inuyasha, the character, with Kagome. I could list so much more, but I don't want to make this into a rant post. Now that you know why I don't like Inuyasha paired with Kagome, here's why she'd be better off with Sesshomaru. 

Sesshomaru would understand her value. He wouldn't underestimate or overestimate her capabilities, instead he'd be able to know how much she can handle and would know when to step in. He'd protect when she needs it, not just step in whenever she's in danger.

Sesshomaru can help her get stronger. He'll push her to her limits, but he would know how much she can take. She'd be able to learn a lot about herself and how strong she can be instead of just relying on only herself. Sometimes it takes outside forces to help realize your potential. 

Sesshomaru can help take care of Shippo. He's already taking care of a human girl, so it wouldn't be a stretch for him to help a demon. Even if Shippo is a fox demon, he can still help him find tutors and learn demon etiquette. 

Those are only a few reasons why I like Sesshomaru with Kagome. There's so many different reasons, that this post could go on forever so I'll stop it here. Who do you ship together in Inuyasha?

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 

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