Tippin' Tuesday//How To Be a Fangirl

Hey guys!

Being a fangirl is profession. No, really is it! We not only know just about everything about our idols or object of obession, but we're also fiercely loyal to them. Look at K-Pop idols for instance. Their fans are millions strong and don't hesitant in making sure their idols are well taken care of by their label. It's not just other celebs or paparazzi they protect people from. They also protect them from other fangirls. But why? Because there’s no universal guidlines of being a fangirl. Of course, there are obvious rules to being a fangirl. Here’s my guide to being a fangirl.

Always, always treat other fangirls with respect and kindness. It’s one of the basic learnings as a human being and it’s definitely an important role in being a fangirl. Disrespectful fangirls makes everyone else look bad. No one will take you seriously too. Don’t be that fan.

Your idol is not an object. Unless they are. Then forget this rule. But this one applies to any celeb, author, musician, etc. They’re ordinary human beings who somehow found their talent and shared it with the world. They have feelings guys! Treat them with respect and kindness. Don’t be the fangirl who stalks them because you’ll just end up with a restraining order. Be the fan who they’ll remember next time they see you, by being respectful. And bringing them something cool. Like, I don’t know. A blow up dinosaur or something.

Even if you want to scream to the world about how much you love your celeb, don’t do it. Keep your fangirling at a low level in public places unless it’s a convention or something of the like. Not everyone knows what you’re talking about or care about it as much as you. Fangirl with friends or find a forum.

When you’re on the verge of stalking to the person and knowing every single detail in their life, then you know you’ve crossed a line. You can never come back from crossing that line. If you do, it could lead to a hostage situation or something really, really bad. It’s cool to know a lot about your favorite person/object in the world, but not everything. Don’t let your admiration become obsession.

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading!

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