Tippin' Tuesday//To Become a Pokemon Master

Hey guys! 

It's not really a tip filled post, but more of a lessons learned kind of thing today! 

Everyone who has watched Pokemon knows that Ash still hasn't become a Pokemon champion, let alone a Pokemon master. Despite not reaching his goals for a few years (and somehow finding the fountain of youth during those years), his adventures has taught millions of kids important lessons. Here's a few that will forever stay with me.

No matter where Ash goes, he always makes friends. Those friends leave a lasting imapact on not only him, but on the next set of people he encounters. Friends will come to his aid as he would for them. Friendship lasts forever even when those friends haven't seen each other in a long time. Like Misty who was apparently not found the fountain of youth. 

Ash not only has a mom in his family, but he has his Pokemon and his friends. All of them are like family to him. It doesn't matter if they were blood or not, what matters is who's there for him when he needs them most. One episode that for really famous was the one where Ash and his Pokemon got trapped in a snow storm and his Pokemon cuddle around him to keep Ash warm. It was sad and heartbreaking, but that's what family is about. Doing what it takes to keep each other safe. Loving one another. Blood doesn't matter. Anyone can be a part of a family. 

There was an episode where a doctor only treats humans/trainers and my Pokemon. He said something along the lines of not caring for them. As the episode progress, you can see the realization that Pokemon weren't that bad and that they're amazing creatures. Apply it to life and suddenly the episode makes so much more sense than when I was a child. 

Ash has spent years trying to become the world's best Pokemon Master. He's been through some many different places and met so many different people. Any hardship he goes through hasn't deterred him yet. Instead, his strength to keep going teaches kids an important lesson. Never give up on your dreams because it's all worth it in the end. Friends, family, life, everything happens for a reason and it's never too late to keep going for what you want.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 

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