D is for Dreams

Hey guys!

Today's letter is D! It was a toss up between desire and dreams, but I decided on dreams. 

I have a lot dreams. Little ones, big ones. I don't think y'all would like large paragraphs every post, so I decided to make a list!

  • I dream of having a home
  • I dream of being loved
  • I dream of being happy
  • I dream of writing a novel
  • I dream of moving
  • I dream of traveling
  • I dream of books
  • I dream of being friends with my favorite actors/actresses(Tom Hiddleston, please? Or Emma Watson?!)
  • I dream of having fans(of my nonexistant novel and/or this blog)
  • I dream of making blogging friends
  • I dream of living

It's a short list, but there it is! Those are my dreams. What are yours?

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 

1 comment :

  1. You have a blogging friend here, hello! Those dreams are probably closer than you think... mine are mostly fulfilled, or being fulfilled, right now. My current main dream is to be an internationally famous best selling author...