F is for Feminism

Hey guys!

Today's letter is F! I thought of failure, then fake, but settled on feminism. 

Feminism is the "movement to win equal rights for women". Note that it says equal rights. Not more rights or be above men, but equal. Some people may say that humanism promotes equal rights, but humanism is the "system of thoughts based on the interests and ideals of humankind". What's the difference?

First, feminism deals with gender inequality. Which we definitely need. If you haven't heard, Indiana had recently put a women in jail because she was suspected to have killed her unborn child because it was stillborn. How is that right? Women miscarry all the time, and now it's a crime? What's the reasoning behind that? How is sentencing a woman to jail for something she can't control right? Why is the government dictating womens' rights when most of them aren't women themselves?! 

Second, humanism deals with the human race in general. Not gender like feminism. There's a big difference in wanting all humans to be able to have an education and wanting to shut down abortion clinics. Education affects all people. Abortion clinics deal mostly with women who aren't ready to have a baby, have been raped, or whatever reason their is. Sure, some argue that why have sex if you aren't ready, but birth control was created for a reason. The world is overpopulated as it is. Women need birth control, for not only preventing pregancy, but also for regulating periods.

Those are the reasons why we need feminism. Not only are women starting to lose what rights they've gained in the last fifty years, but people aren't advocating it because of media portraying the more radical feminists. Some women might want to have the option to have their shirt off in public. Personally I don't care about that issue, but I'm more concerned how people are uncomfortable with having women breast feed in public. Even when they have a blanket on them. It's a breast. It's made of fat. Not a big deal. If you're uncomfortable, then turn away. I think some people have forgotten that their mothers might've also breast feed them in public as a baby. 
I'm also concerned about women who can't get birth control and the like because of states like Indiana who had shut down all clinics that deal with it. More babies come from people not having the proper protection or from horrible scenarios. What's the point of sex education when teenagers can't get the materials? Everyone knows most teens have sex. Which states have the most teen moms? The bible states as the lower east of the US is called, which includes Texas and Indiana. The states that have shut down their clinics. See the problem?

I could go on about how feminism' work has becoming undone in the past few years. I could list court trials and bills that have undermined women's rights. But I won't. It's too sad to realize that the US is slowly crumbling because of the government and uneducated people. 

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 

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