Q is for Quixotic

Hey guys! 

Today's letter is Q! After looking through my pocket dictionary I decided on quixotic! It means "idealistic but impractical". Based off the protagonist in Don Quixote, it aptly displays how the character acted throughout the book. 

I remember my Spanish 3 teacher talking about how he was a crazy romantic who wasn't very smart. He loved a woman from afar who didn't know he existed. Everything he did was in the name of his love. Even freeing prisoners to have his name spread across the country so that she can admire his greatness. Obviously the prisoners thought he was crazy and just wanted to get out of his presence. I wouldn't blame them.

I really like the word as it really captured Quixote's essence. He tried to make a better world, but how he went about it was very impractical. I thought he was hilarious, but felt bad for his skewed vision. 

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!

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