S is for Spencer Reid

Hey guys!

Today's letter is S! I thought of Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds! Since I did P is for Penelope Garcia, I wanted to tell you guys why Spencer is my favorite in the show.

Spencer is not only an awkward genius, he also has a heart of gold. Learning how to interact with other people without scaring them off because of his smarts, he really tries his hardest to stop being awkward around others. At least, that's one part of who he is in the show.

He's just so many layers of awesomeness, that I can't even begin the describe why he's amazing. God, he's also just too adorable to put into words. 

I love him because of his awkwardness. He tries his hardest to fit in without losing himself. He's a sweetheart with kids and just ugh. So here's some pictures that aren't mine that are full of Spencer Reid.

Oops! Just one for now since my internet is being mean again. I'll update this on the weekend. 

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 

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