Hey guys!

I've been really busy lately with school and life in general that I haven't been updating you guys in a while! So here's a quick view into my life these past few weeks.

Since I'm a senior, I leave school earlier than everyone else. Which means that my finals are in two weeks. Oh my. I currently have a really low grade in math because, let's face it. Math sucks sometimes. 200 minutes of doing Khanacademy once a week for a grade? I have a short attention span. I can barely reach 100 minutes most of the time. But I am going to spend Sunday doing nothing but school work to make sure I'm ready for finals. I may not be able to update as much as I want to these following two weeks, so expect a delay in posts soon.

It's kind of weird that I'm going to graduate from high school soon, but this is the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new chapter. I'm going to community college next year because I don't know what I want to do as a career and didn't want to spend a lot of money taking random classes. I'm actually going to take Yoga&Meditation for one of my classes and I've looking forward to it a lot.

I finished my last therapy session yesterday and I'm kind of sad about it. Maybe I'll write a blog post about my experience when I have more time for in depth posts. My sleep has been going haywire where I either sleep too much or too little. I've also started to cut out junk food in my diet with a few treats(or a lot!). I've been trying to convince myself that exercising would help a lot more with my mood, but with school taking the spotlight, I haven't gotten around to doing anything physically demanding recently. Hopefully that'll change once summer roles around.

My grandmother had to be taken to the hospital earlier in the week. Right now, she's a lot better but one of my aunts is coming from Illnois to help take care of her for a week. I think the whole family from that side is coming over for the summer also and I can't wait to see them. Even though they are coming for my grandmother, I know that I'm going to end up taking my younger cousin out to San Francisco or something to get out of the way of the adults.

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Tippin' Tuesday//Beautiful Lies (& How To Forget About 'Em)

Hey guys!

About two weeks ago, I wrote my "I feel so pretty! Oh so pretty!" post where I talked about ways to instantly feel "prettier", I decided this post will be about beauty lies that society and the media tells us. Here's two common "beautiful" lies that I'm told by the media and the world.

No guys. Makeup doesn't hide everything, especially a horrible personality. Makeup does help with enhancing natural beauty, but shouldn't be used to make all your problems go away. Makeup doesn't work that way. Some foundations will cause people to breakout and create more problems. Don't give into the hype of a product if it isn't helping you in some way.

First, size really doesn't matter. No one really cares if you wear a size zero or fourteen. I certainly don't care about sizes. But size does matter, according to the media and society. It's in the ads, in the papers, there's so much controversy about brands having different sizing and labels to Nicki Minaj's ass. The world can be a cruel place where perceptions can change daily. One moment thigh gaps are in and the next, it's all about them curves.

Don't let the world ruin you. To the media, all most people are is a number, a statistic, and points on a graph. Remember that size doesn't define you. Just like pretty doesn't define you. Embrace the size you are because there's more important things in life than a number.

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Reflection | A to Z Blogging Challenge

Hey guys!

I have been too busy these past few weeks with school to update this blog regularly. However, the load work has lighten up a bit, and now I'm waiting to graduate from high school! It's really exciting and I'll have an upcoming blog post about that sometime later in the month. This post is about my experience doing the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

For April, I participated with hundreds of other bloggers in writing everyday and using the letter of the alphabet as blog titles. I didn't have a specific theme since it was my first time doing the challenge and I was busy with school so I didn't have much time in researching potential blog posts.

It wasn't easy as I thought it would be. I missed a post sometimes and ended up posting it the next day with a second post to keep up. It was slightly tiring to think up some titles, but I managed it just fine. There were some days where I had to upload on my iPod and I know that some of my posts just have links instead of the video (I'll be fixing that soon!), but it was fun!

I loved the challenge of figuring out new subjects to talk about. It was fun to jump around and find new blogs to love. I'll definitely be going through the participants list when I have more time. All in all, it was a great experience. I learned a lot about what kind of things I'm drawn to and might start incorporating those into my blog!

Did you participate in the A to Z Blogging Challenge of 2015? How did your experience go?

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Style It//Skirts Galore

Hey guys!

I haven't done a Style It post in a while, so here is a new one for this week! It's all about the skirts as we are transitioning into summer. Here are some of my favorite ways to style them.

Style It//Casually Strolling

Style It//Girly At Heart

Style It//Stand Out

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DIY//Cropped Top Using Iron On Fusing Web

Hey guys!

Today's post is NOT sponsored by any company. I just really love this product. 

I always wanted to do a DIY with old clothes, but I'm too lazy to hem the ends of the shirt so I was never able to do any projects. Until I spotted the Iron On Fusing Web on my last Target trip. Why not try it out? 

Shirt (Any kind. I found mine at the thrift store)
Scissors (Specifically fabric scissors, but household ones work too)
Iron On Fusing Web
Ironing board (Or whatever surface you use to iron)
Washable marker (Whatever you want to mark up your shirt)

1) Figure out where you want the shirt to be cropped. I decided to have cut it off an inch or so from the bottom. 

2) Mark the shirt where you want to cut it.  I decided since I'm hemming it, to leave a large enough fabric to it fold over once I flip it inside out.

3) Cut out using the line or a little bit before the line if you're going to use it to fold over later. See if this is the length you want by putting it on. Then turn the shirt inside out.

4) Get out your ironing board and lay your shirt on it. 

5) Measure out your iron on fusing web. Make sure there's a little bit less of what you need to avoid fusing too much fabric together in the wrong places. 

6)  Fold the edges of the shirt away from you. Make sure the fold is facing you. After, put the iron on fusing web inside the fold.

7) Follow the instructions on your iron on fusing web. 

8) Make sure everything looks great. And you're done! 

This is a great alternative to fabric glue and sewing. If you don't know how to sew I definitely recommend using this. It's easy to use, but does have a weird smell when you first iron it on. Maybe because it's basically melting that the scent reminds me of something burning. 

I hope you enjoy this DIY! What other DIY's do you think I should do?

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 

Tippin' Tuesday// I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!

Hey guys!

After a small hiatus because of the A to Z Blog Challenge, Tippin' Tuesday is back! Today I'll be talking about different ways to make yourself feel pretty when you don't feel pretty at all. Everyone goes through that at one point of their lives, and I believe we should help each other making everyone around is feel good. 

I think I've written before in other Tippin' Tuesday posts that smiling will get you into the mindset of feeling pretty. I'm sure there's a scientific reason why smiling makes people happy, but I know in my experience that smiling helps me feel like I'm all put together. Not to mention smiling will lessen frown wrinkles. (It's totally not a scientific proven fact, but hey! I think it's true!)

I'm sure everyone know this age old saying. Even when you're feeling down, wear something that'll get you feeling pumped for the day. Whether it's sweats or a classy dress, if you feel pretty on the outside, it'll make you feel prettier on the inside.

Pretty doesn't define you. You are not just your looks, you are your thoughts, feelings, ideas. Don't let anyone make you believe that you aren't pretty. No one has the same taste, which is why fashion and beauty is so diverse and different. You define what pretty is to yourself and those around you. For me, pretty is walking with confidence and being the best person you can be. So chin up and don't let anyone bring you down.

What do you do that helps you feel pretty? 

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 

Geeky Things//May The Fourth Be With You

Hey guys!

Today is May fourth! Which means STAR WARS! But I have a confession to make. 

I've never watched Star Wars. 

know, I know! Why am I celebrating when I'm not a part of the fandom? I'm celebrating because Star Wars was one of the franchises that really pushed the SyFy genre into the spotlight. The effects for that time were amazing and the plot seems pretty cool. Who wouldn't want a light saber? 

I also love supporting other fandoms that bring such positivity into people's lives. The people in those fandoms are usually really nice purple. They welcome you into the fold and it's like a family who understands your obsession with something most people haven't watched in years. I love meeting people who just get it. So watch Star Wars for the first time and join the fandom. It'll be alright. 

May the fourth be with you! 

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!