DIY//Cropped Top Using Iron On Fusing Web

Hey guys!

Today's post is NOT sponsored by any company. I just really love this product. 

I always wanted to do a DIY with old clothes, but I'm too lazy to hem the ends of the shirt so I was never able to do any projects. Until I spotted the Iron On Fusing Web on my last Target trip. Why not try it out? 

Shirt (Any kind. I found mine at the thrift store)
Scissors (Specifically fabric scissors, but household ones work too)
Iron On Fusing Web
Ironing board (Or whatever surface you use to iron)
Washable marker (Whatever you want to mark up your shirt)

1) Figure out where you want the shirt to be cropped. I decided to have cut it off an inch or so from the bottom. 

2) Mark the shirt where you want to cut it.  I decided since I'm hemming it, to leave a large enough fabric to it fold over once I flip it inside out.

3) Cut out using the line or a little bit before the line if you're going to use it to fold over later. See if this is the length you want by putting it on. Then turn the shirt inside out.

4) Get out your ironing board and lay your shirt on it. 

5) Measure out your iron on fusing web. Make sure there's a little bit less of what you need to avoid fusing too much fabric together in the wrong places. 

6)  Fold the edges of the shirt away from you. Make sure the fold is facing you. After, put the iron on fusing web inside the fold.

7) Follow the instructions on your iron on fusing web. 

8) Make sure everything looks great. And you're done! 

This is a great alternative to fabric glue and sewing. If you don't know how to sew I definitely recommend using this. It's easy to use, but does have a weird smell when you first iron it on. Maybe because it's basically melting that the scent reminds me of something burning. 

I hope you enjoy this DIY! What other DIY's do you think I should do?

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 

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