Hey guys!

I've been really busy lately with school and life in general that I haven't been updating you guys in a while! So here's a quick view into my life these past few weeks.

Since I'm a senior, I leave school earlier than everyone else. Which means that my finals are in two weeks. Oh my. I currently have a really low grade in math because, let's face it. Math sucks sometimes. 200 minutes of doing Khanacademy once a week for a grade? I have a short attention span. I can barely reach 100 minutes most of the time. But I am going to spend Sunday doing nothing but school work to make sure I'm ready for finals. I may not be able to update as much as I want to these following two weeks, so expect a delay in posts soon.

It's kind of weird that I'm going to graduate from high school soon, but this is the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new chapter. I'm going to community college next year because I don't know what I want to do as a career and didn't want to spend a lot of money taking random classes. I'm actually going to take Yoga&Meditation for one of my classes and I've looking forward to it a lot.

I finished my last therapy session yesterday and I'm kind of sad about it. Maybe I'll write a blog post about my experience when I have more time for in depth posts. My sleep has been going haywire where I either sleep too much or too little. I've also started to cut out junk food in my diet with a few treats(or a lot!). I've been trying to convince myself that exercising would help a lot more with my mood, but with school taking the spotlight, I haven't gotten around to doing anything physically demanding recently. Hopefully that'll change once summer roles around.

My grandmother had to be taken to the hospital earlier in the week. Right now, she's a lot better but one of my aunts is coming from Illnois to help take care of her for a week. I think the whole family from that side is coming over for the summer also and I can't wait to see them. Even though they are coming for my grandmother, I know that I'm going to end up taking my younger cousin out to San Francisco or something to get out of the way of the adults.

That's it for this today! Thanks for reading! 


  1. Hey Ellie! Good luck with your finals! I'm sure you'll do great :) the yoga and meditation class sounds so interesting! Hope your grandmother gets better soon!

    Hannah x

  2. Hi Hannah! Thank you for the encouragement and well wishes! My grandmother is doing a lot better now. :)