Tippin' Tuesday// I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!

Hey guys!

After a small hiatus because of the A to Z Blog Challenge, Tippin' Tuesday is back! Today I'll be talking about different ways to make yourself feel pretty when you don't feel pretty at all. Everyone goes through that at one point of their lives, and I believe we should help each other making everyone around is feel good. 

I think I've written before in other Tippin' Tuesday posts that smiling will get you into the mindset of feeling pretty. I'm sure there's a scientific reason why smiling makes people happy, but I know in my experience that smiling helps me feel like I'm all put together. Not to mention smiling will lessen frown wrinkles. (It's totally not a scientific proven fact, but hey! I think it's true!)

I'm sure everyone know this age old saying. Even when you're feeling down, wear something that'll get you feeling pumped for the day. Whether it's sweats or a classy dress, if you feel pretty on the outside, it'll make you feel prettier on the inside.

Pretty doesn't define you. You are not just your looks, you are your thoughts, feelings, ideas. Don't let anyone make you believe that you aren't pretty. No one has the same taste, which is why fashion and beauty is so diverse and different. You define what pretty is to yourself and those around you. For me, pretty is walking with confidence and being the best person you can be. So chin up and don't let anyone bring you down.

What do you do that helps you feel pretty? 

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 

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