Tippin' Tuesday//Beautiful Lies (& How To Forget About 'Em)

Hey guys!

About two weeks ago, I wrote my "I feel so pretty! Oh so pretty!" post where I talked about ways to instantly feel "prettier", I decided this post will be about beauty lies that society and the media tells us. Here's two common "beautiful" lies that I'm told by the media and the world.

No guys. Makeup doesn't hide everything, especially a horrible personality. Makeup does help with enhancing natural beauty, but shouldn't be used to make all your problems go away. Makeup doesn't work that way. Some foundations will cause people to breakout and create more problems. Don't give into the hype of a product if it isn't helping you in some way.

First, size really doesn't matter. No one really cares if you wear a size zero or fourteen. I certainly don't care about sizes. But size does matter, according to the media and society. It's in the ads, in the papers, there's so much controversy about brands having different sizing and labels to Nicki Minaj's ass. The world can be a cruel place where perceptions can change daily. One moment thigh gaps are in and the next, it's all about them curves.

Don't let the world ruin you. To the media, all most people are is a number, a statistic, and points on a graph. Remember that size doesn't define you. Just like pretty doesn't define you. Embrace the size you are because there's more important things in life than a number.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 

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