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Hey guys!

I love reading about DIY's and how to's. There's many ways to making a DIY and I love reading about how people go about making them. So I decided to put my favorite DIY's for each project on one place. These are my favorite tutorials for making book clutches! Each has a different difficulty level which makes it easy to find the tutorial fit for you!

Trends and Tolstoy This tutorial involves power tools and a book box for everyone who can't ever imagine cutting up a book. If you're good with power tools or know someone who is, this is perfect! It's also really easy and an easy tutorial for making the book clutch into a crossbody.

Caught On A Whim I think this was one of the first book clutch tutorial I read years ago. It involves a real book and a lot of patience. If you have more time and want a challenge, this is the one for you.

Runway DIY Another book clutch tutorial that I remember reading a long time ago. It includes a video too!

See Kate Sew I love how this one has a zipper closure.

Monoxious This one has a nice step by step tutorial for the clasp using a belt. Pretty easy stuff going on.

A Beautiful Mess Of course, a Beautiful Mess has a tutorial for this! Not only is this easy, it doesn't have much sewing.

Brit + Co. So many pictures that you just can't go wrong with using this tutorial. It's in the middle ground where it's not too hard, but you still have to be careful in following the steps.

Thanks I Made It And last but not least! Thanks I Made It has a small roundup of her favorite tutorials.

What do you think of book clutches? Would you rather make one or rather save up for one?

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 

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