Hey guys!

I have been really busy these past few weeks! Here's what's been up!

I'm now out of school! Well, Senior Graduation is next Saturday, but I have been checked out of school and don't have to go for next week unless it's rehearsal or graduation. I actually have two graduations to look forward to. I'm in this program and they're throwing us a graduation ceremony. We're getting sashes to put on for our schoolkid graduation. I also have a sash for getting Principle's Honor role. I kind of slacked a bit for second semester with everything that's been going on. At least I was able to get that right?

Yesterday I went on the Senior Picnic where we went to Santa Cruz beach board walk! It was fun until I got sick. Bummer right? I did win a Pikachu for one of my friend's and got a tiny one from one of my guy friends! I also bought a few postcards to put up on my wall. I did ride a few rides, like Ghost Blaster. I freaked out on that for a bit because it was so dark in there. I had a lot of fun though!

I mentioned last week that my grandmother was in the hospital. My aunt from Chicago flew in for a week to help take care of her once she was able to leave. Now my grandma is staying with my cousins (who live next door!) since they have more space for her and more people who can take care of her regularly. She's doing great and is improving, but she does need to get up a bit more.

I've also gone thrift shopping crazy and have a lot of clothes now. Although I love each piece, I'm thinking of reducing my wardrobe a bit. Or getting rid of all the school stuff I've accumulated. I think that's what's taking up most of my space. I didn't really realize how much I've saved up throughout the years! I might save the useful things and throw out the others. Maybe I'll even do a before and after of my room as I'm going to use the first few week of summer to clean up my room.

That's it for this week! Thanks for reading! 

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