Hey guys!

Today isn't Saturday, but yesterday I was busy with accomplishing an important milestone in my life! I'm officially a high school graduate! Yay! It feels a little weird to not be going to high school anymore since it's been my home for four years. I was in a program where most of my classes were with the same people for fours years and I'll definitely miss them when they go off to college in the summer.

Graduation was exciting, but I wasn't too fond of sitting in the heat for two hours. When we were doing the rehearsal on Friday and they told us that we were getting the diploma after the ceremony, I was totally confused. I thought we were getting our diplomas on stage? Apparently they give us a little booklet with nothing inside of it, just in case someone loses the diploma before we even get off stage. I wonder if that ever happened to anyone?

For me, it felt like the end of a chapter. A new beginning will be starting in August and I can't believe how far I've come in life. So here's a few pictures of me and my friends!

A few resin pieces I made for my friends as graduation gifts!

A farewell kiss from one of my close friends!

Kissy kissy!

Thanks for the overexposure sun!

Look at that awkward smile! 

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!

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