Influenster Review//L'Oreal Paris Ultimate Straight VoxBox

Hey guys!*

I don't think I've ever used a L'Oreal product before. I know there's been a lot of commericals for this set and I'm glad that I got chosen for this voxbox! The products have really pretty packaging and look amazing in your bathroom.

The product themselves work really well. Although there are a lot of different steps to using the entire system, you can skip a few of them if you don't really feel like doing a whole routine. My hair still felt silky and straight despite only using the shampoo and conditioner. The smell is alright, nothing really special.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!  

*I got this VoxBox complimentary from Influenster. All opinions and comments are my own. (I'll also add the pictures later because for some reason I can't find them on my iPod.)

Sorry for not updating much! I'm currently in Chicago for vacation! I'll be updating y'all this Saturday for sure though!

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