Music//5SOS Concert Essentials

Hey guys!

Since tomorrow is my 5SOS concert, I decided to put together what I need today. I'm using a drawstring bag that I got during a college fair for free. It'll keep my hands free while holding everything that I need.

Concert Essentials:
Hand Cream
Hand Sanitizer
Oil Blotting Sheets
Chap stick
Lip Butter
Phone Charger

I'm also bringing a bottle of water because I don't want to buy one at the venue. I know that most snacks and drinks at concerts so it's easier to just bring one. Also not pictured is another set of clothes and a light sweater. You can never be too prepared. 

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!

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  1. I must say that this is just a perfect kit dear and I am glad that you shared it here with me. I am also going to a concert where a local but famous band is performing at Chicago venues. Hope we will have fun time there.