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Oh yes. Today will be a bucket list kind of post. Why? Why not?! I know some bloggers have written posts about un-bucket lists? or whatever they're called which highlights doing simple things in life that don't cost much or are easily attainable. Although I would love to write a post like that (maybe I'll even write one after this post!), this is my last summer to slack off. Graduating from high school has made me realize that my life is a quarter? a tenth? of a way finished. I don't want to be bogged down by adult obligations and bemoan about missing out on events that I could've gone to when I was younger. So I'm going to live a little and write about my bucket list for this summer. Here we go!

Go to Warped Tour in Chicago // If not Chicago, then when? If not Chicago, hopefully I'd be able to go next summer, but I want to experience it once as a teenager before I go as an adult. (If I have a chance to go when I'm older!)

Make a scrapbook // Not a really huge one that can span years, but one that captures the moment! One that I can keep adding to until school starts and I can look back on it with fondness. Also, I want to expand my craft drawer while I'm at it. ;)

Read (and finish reading!) a book // Oh how I miss picking up a new book! I have a lot of books in my To Be Read pile! And I know my book blog is missing out on the love! I'm going to do something about that soon!

Learn how to skateboard // Not only would it be good exercise, it's another way to get to and from school! When I feel like making the long trek by foot. Which I don't (and hopefully, won't in the future).

Write something // Oh goodness guys. I've broken my NYE Goals a hundred times over. I really need to get into the swing of things again.

Make macarons // There's so many tutorials on YouTube that I'm really itching to start learning how to make them. It'll be fun to make on lazy days.

Learn how to play the ocarina // I am really really excited to start learning to play it. Now that there's some really easy tutorials on YouTube, I don't have to go figure out everything on my own. If anyone else wants to learn, I've left a video to one of the easiest tutorials I've ever seen. There's going to be 14 parts with video six being the latest I believe.

Thanks for reading! 

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