Review//Isa Professional XANADU 24K Gold Vitamin C Serum & FoundationPrimer

Hey guys!*

Today I'll be reviewing the Isa Professional XANADU 24K Gold Vitamin C Serum and Foundation Primer.

The packaging is adorable with the clear bottle making it easy to see how much product you have left. The product itself has a gel consistancy and goes on smoothly. It also has a slight scent to it which, to me, smells like baby powder and the Avon Sweet Honesty perfume. The golden flakes are real gold so yes, you are definitely putting gold on your face. I'm sure that there are some great benefits of using gold in your products, but to be honest, I'm more concerned on whether or not it really works with my skin.

The product isn't tested on animals which makes me very happy as I'm trying to be more conscience of what I'm using. When I applied it onto my face, it felt very refreshing. After rubbing it into my skin, it only takes a few moments for it to dry. I noticed that the gold is noticeable when looking into a mirror. The flakes create a glittery effect that I don't really mind. But if you're not into the glittery effect, it takes a while for the glitter to be "absorbed" into the skin. Sometimes flakes stay for an hour or two until they've gotten into your skin. I'm not sure if you can cover the flakes with makeup as I don't wear foundation that much, but I think foundation might make them "disappear".

All in all, the product is alright. It's not life changing or anything. Maybe continued use over a long period of time will make show a bigger difference in your skin. For now, I'll keep using the serum and update you guys on any kind of progress my skin seems to make.

What do you think of the product?

*Product given to me for free for testing purposes. All opinions and comments are my own. 

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 

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