Hey guys!

I have been trying to clean up my room this past week after being gone for a month. Not only have I kind of made it messier (Oops!), I also have to get ready for school on Monday! I already have a backpack and most of my school supplies, but I have the urge to buy more stationary for school. What can I say? I like to get pretty stationary to motivate myself into doing my schoolwork. *shrugs*

I can't wait until Monday rolls around because I only have two classes that day and there's about a four hour gap between them. I'm going to use that free time to familiarize myself with the health center, the learning center, and the cafeteria. I think it's really important to know where to go for certain things like Scantrons and band aids. You never know when you need them!

This week I also found this great channel that really motivates me into being a better student and helps me better my study skills. I love her accent and her personality. Her channel name is Study With Jess. Here's one of my favorite videos of hers:

 I think I have a shopping addiction. Today my dad and I went thrift shopping and I got a few shirts and random bits and bobs. Of course, my wardrobe is starting to look like I can pair everything together, but I need to lay off on getting more shirts! I should really pace myself! 

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Hey guys!

I know some people have already started school this week. I myself am going to start school on Monday and I'm not looking forward to it. This year I have to get up really early and leave at about 6:40am to be able to get to school on time. Bummer, right? These are a few outfits that you can easily throw on and accessorize because who has the time to do more than that as a college student? Not me.

Get Me Out of Here!

Just Another Manic Monday

I Wish It Was Sunday

Like the song reference? If you don't get it, here's the video!

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Haul//Hot Topic

Hey guys!

I went to the mall recently and found myself in Hot Topic. I usually get something from there whether it's a grab bag or something small like pins. I've really gotten into buying pins to pin onto my backpack and lanyards like Hot Topic employees.

This time I got seven pins:
Bring it on. (The Emperor's New Groove reference for those who don't know)
Never Judge a Book by Its Movie
Corpse Bride
Five Seconds of Summer
Always be Yourself Unless You Can Be a T-Rex
Oh My Gosh I'm Like a T-Rex
We're All Mad Here 

While looking around, I spotted a Walking Dead Pocket Pop! Key chain of Rick Grimes. I went a little crazy looking for a Daryl Dixon one because it's Daryl Dixon. I needed it. Since it's a key chain I think I'm going to put it on my backpack or on a lanyard.

I bought those the first time I walked into the store as I only had $40. I ended up going back to buy the Nightmare Before Christmas backpack for school. It's really roomy and I thought it would be big enough to hold my binders and folders as I like to hold my books to exercise my arms. They were doing a BOGO sale so I snagged the Harry Potter bag that was right next to the register because I wanted to use it for more everyday uses.

I ended up signing up for the Hot Topic rewards card since I've been going there a lot. I think my email address was spelled incorrectly though because I can't sign into it. Maybe I'll see if I can fix it on my own before emailing customer service.

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My Welcome Day Experience

Hey guys!

Yesterday I went to Freshman Day for my future college. It's when upcoming freshman spent the day learning about the campus and participating in workshops. I was at school from 8:30am to 5:30pm and it was exhausting. The early morning was very chilly, but as time went on the sun came out and decided to try and fry everyone alive. Just normal California weather.

It was really easy finding the check in spot as there were balloons and signs that really helped me in not getting lost. As I checked in and paid the $10 fee for lunch, they gave everyone drawstring bags filled with goodies. It was a very quick and easy process. The guys who checked me in even said my name right which was a very big plus.

The bag was filled with a refillable water bottle, a USB drive, a Welcome Day information booklet, a book filled with coupons, and a journal and pen set. They also gave us a bottle of bottles with compass design on it.

When we checked in, everyone got a wrist band which split us up into groups. I ended up on the liger team as my wristband was dark orange with long stripes. The peer mentors took us on a tour of the building and did a few icebreakers. After the campus tour, we had our first workshop.

The first workshop was about being successful in school. The speaker was Andy Bloom who was a former Olympian. It was an interesting lecture filled with great advice. He's a math teacher at the main campus of the college. The second workshop was actually a Q&A panel. I finally got some answers about when the financial aid will be sent to students and how they help people in choosing their career paths.

After the Q&A we went outside to have lunch. I caught up with a friend and one of the peer mentors came over to talk with us. She was really nice and talked a lot about her experience with the school and about how she's figuring out what she wants to do after college. I loved her friendly attitude and how she kept it real with us.

During lunch, a financial aid workshop was being offered to those interested. I went with my friend and I'm very glad I did. I learned a lot more about my school's financial aid process and hopefully, I will use my FAFSA money wisely.

A "How To Transfer" workshop followed after the FAFSA one. The women were really and very helped in explaining the different ways to transfer and what they can do to help us in the process. The last workshop was about a program that raise mental health awareness. I'm thinking of actually being involved in the program or at least participate in activities they create.

They ended the day with a Q&A with the peer mentors we were assigned with in the beginning. We went to a separate room and talked about whatever came up. At the end of the day they had a raffle, but I didn't win anything unfortunately.

All in all, the day was fun and informative. If you're school has a Welcome Day, I definitely recommend you going to it. I learned a lot about how to read the class schedule and other important things for my first day next week.

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Hey guys!

I haven't been posting for quite a while. As most of you know I was in Chicago for about a month or so and I had been spending time with relatives. I had a great time relaxing with my younger cousin. We also went to the Five Seconds of Summer: Rock Out With Your Socks Out Chicago concert. I made a post about what I'd wear to the concert and what I brought with me.

Not only did I have fun at the concert (I was not expecting the atmosphere at all), I ended up getting a lot of clothing and beauty products while I was there. Some were gifts from my aunts and some of the clothing I bought with the money my dad gave me before I left. I bought a few things that don't seem to be a part of my style, but I was too tempted by how cute they were so I got them.

Now that my vacation is almost over, I've started to clean up around the house and get rid of everything that no ones uses. Who needs so many Nerf guns?! Not my brothers. I'm also trying to convince my dad to move me from the big room that I'm in to the smaller room that my brothers have since they're going to be over six feet. They need the space more than I do.

As I mentioned, vacation is coming to a close. On August 31, I'll be starting college. I ended up dropping two of my classes as one was too late at night and the other was an online class that I don't think I'd be able to have time for or be able to make myself do the work by myself.

Now I shall end this post with one of my favorite songs from Melanie Martinez whose album came out on August 14.

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Style It//Airport Cruising

Hey guys!

Since I'm leaving Chicago tomorrow, I wanted to show you guys what I wear on the plane! I try to keep it simple because of the check points. Sometimes I like to wear makeup, but most of the time I go barefaced as the recycled air in planes tend to make my skin feel drier making the makeup feel extremely gross to have on.

Skip The Lines!

Stomping Around

Ready To Catch Them All

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Style It//Family Time

Hey guys!

If you read my last LIFE HAPPENS post, then you know that I'm currently in Chicago and went to my first concert. I'm still reeling from all the feelings that hit me when I went to the concert, so a post on that will be upload sometime in the next week or so. But today's Style It post is based off of family time. Or family bonding. Or Hell. Whatever you want to call it. As always each outfit can be tweaked to your liking and are just ways to inspire you on your next family outing.

Let's Go Out!

Playful Babe

I Don't Really Care

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