Hey guys!

I haven't been posting for quite a while. As most of you know I was in Chicago for about a month or so and I had been spending time with relatives. I had a great time relaxing with my younger cousin. We also went to the Five Seconds of Summer: Rock Out With Your Socks Out Chicago concert. I made a post about what I'd wear to the concert and what I brought with me.

Not only did I have fun at the concert (I was not expecting the atmosphere at all), I ended up getting a lot of clothing and beauty products while I was there. Some were gifts from my aunts and some of the clothing I bought with the money my dad gave me before I left. I bought a few things that don't seem to be a part of my style, but I was too tempted by how cute they were so I got them.

Now that my vacation is almost over, I've started to clean up around the house and get rid of everything that no ones uses. Who needs so many Nerf guns?! Not my brothers. I'm also trying to convince my dad to move me from the big room that I'm in to the smaller room that my brothers have since they're going to be over six feet. They need the space more than I do.

As I mentioned, vacation is coming to a close. On August 31, I'll be starting college. I ended up dropping two of my classes as one was too late at night and the other was an online class that I don't think I'd be able to have time for or be able to make myself do the work by myself.

Now I shall end this post with one of my favorite songs from Melanie Martinez whose album came out on August 14.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!  

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