Hey guys!

I have been trying to clean up my room this past week after being gone for a month. Not only have I kind of made it messier (Oops!), I also have to get ready for school on Monday! I already have a backpack and most of my school supplies, but I have the urge to buy more stationary for school. What can I say? I like to get pretty stationary to motivate myself into doing my schoolwork. *shrugs*

I can't wait until Monday rolls around because I only have two classes that day and there's about a four hour gap between them. I'm going to use that free time to familiarize myself with the health center, the learning center, and the cafeteria. I think it's really important to know where to go for certain things like Scantrons and band aids. You never know when you need them!

This week I also found this great channel that really motivates me into being a better student and helps me better my study skills. I love her accent and her personality. Her channel name is Study With Jess. Here's one of my favorite videos of hers:

 I think I have a shopping addiction. Today my dad and I went thrift shopping and I got a few shirts and random bits and bobs. Of course, my wardrobe is starting to look like I can pair everything together, but I need to lay off on getting more shirts! I should really pace myself! 

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!

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