Hey guys!

This week has been very long for me. I did get a few surprises though!

I finally got my English book in the mail! Now I can do assignments and know what everyone else is talking about. It's in good condition as I decided to buy it used online. 

My math test on Thursday went pretty well. I think I did fine in chapter eight, but I blanked out in chapter seven. Hopefully I get a good grade overall. 

In dance class, we've finally started on our first choreography. I'm very excited to learn the whole routine and add my own twist to it. 

I think I've spent enough of my life in hospital rooms. I spent my Monday with my grandfather watching over my grandmother who was hospitalized a little while ago. She's doing fine now and my dad, aunts, and uncles are hoping to move her back home. 

I have also gone shopping a lot this past week. I ended up going to Daiso yesterday and the thrift store today. Not only did I get a few crafty items to make resin pieces with, I got the Influenster VoxBox too! Look out for upcoming blog posts about what I got in it. 

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 

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