Zombie Slaying 101//The Essentials

Hey guys!

With ZNation's second season premiering this Friday, I decided to make a short series on surviving the zombie apocalypse. Today's post is on what I think you might need to have to survive until there's a cure or you find a nice community to take you in. 

These are very important. This is why people should stock up for natural diseasters. You never know when you need them. 

Trail Mix 
Easy to make while on the road. You can also plant the nuts along the way as a guide and mark of where you've been.

Energy Bars
Easy to find in stores, energy bars can handle a lot of rough housing. They also come in bulk which makes it easy to just grab a few boxes and hide the rest in case you ever come back that way.

Peanut Butter
Have you looked at their experation dates? They can last a long time. 

If you learn how to purify water, you'll be set for most of your journey. Sodas may give a good juice, but they're sugary and everyone knows what happens after a sugar high. You crash. And you may crash into a zombie.

Long sleeves 
If a zombie grabs onto you, you can just rip off the piece of clothing they latched onto. Not the bell bottomed, swaying long sleeves, but the ones that are right against your skin are much better in making sure your warm and zombies won't be able to grab you. 

The kind that Brandy Melville makes since no one really cares if you don't pay for it in a zombie apocolypse. They're light and warm at the same time, so they're perfect for transitioning when the weather changes. 

Not skinny jeans, but something that'll make it easy for you to run in. 

You can find them in almost any store. They can keep you warm and are easy to run in. 

Camping Bags
They can hold a lot. Great for trying to have everything in one place. Although if they get bulky, they might slow you down. 

Messenger Bags
You can use them as a makeshift weapon if you have enough items in there. They may get caught on some things, but they're easy to yank off in a hurry. 

For when zombies get too close, don't waste your bullets. Stab them through the brain, but make sure not to get it stuck in their heads. It's easy to hide on your person and if you lose one, you can always ransack someone's kitchen.

Better used for zombies that are walking steadily towards you. Not many people know how to properly use a gun, so brush up on your skills before you head out to kick some zombie butt. Although guns would be easier to use, they're only a one shot kind of deal and are pretty loud. I suggest using guns only when you really need to. 

Bow and Arrow
Okay, not everyone knows how to use these. But that's the point. No one is going to go for the bow and arrow because it takes a lot of muscle and hand-eye coordination. You can also make your own arrows if you run out using branches and such. 

It works! If you get those metal BB gun pellets and have really good aim. Also very easy to make if you have a branch and rubber band. 

Most other weapons are a variation of these. Sword? A very long knife. Nunchucks?  A slingshot that you can hit people with. But I don't recommend nunchucks. Too close for zombies to get you. 

You definitely need this at night, but make sure you try to dampen the brightness. Zombies are attracted to light, sound, and smell. 

For any electronics you have. Make sure to keep a wide variety. You can also try to trade them with others if they're nice.

From climbing mountains to tying yourself to a tree limb, rope can be used for anything.

Pocket Knife
These have everything. From a bottle opener to screwdriver, you can do a lot of things with this bad boy.

Some cutlery 
Because you have to be civilized some way right? 

If you don't know how to make a fire, at least have one of these.

If I could bring most of these, I would. Although a zombie invasion doesn't seem like a plausibility, it's always good to at least have something prepared for natural disasters. 

That's it for today! Thanks for reading? 

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