Holiday Special//Favorite Halloween Movies

Hey guys!

I've been really busy with school and family these past few weeks. I finally got time to sit down and write this post! I'm really excited that Halloween is next week because free candy and dressing up is what I'm here for. I've decided to do a bit of a Holiday Special for Halloween as it's one of my favorite holidays. Today's post is going to be about creepy, scary, or downright hilarious Halloween movies that I love to watch on TV.

I loved how the animation flows and the storyline is just so unique! I saw it for the first time with one of my Aunts when it first came out. I thought the other world was amazing until the Other Mother gave her that present. I was terrified as a child, but now I definitely sympathize with Coraline and how she had to deal with everything.

A classic Halloween movie that I'm sure everyone knows. It was one of my childhood favorites and I still laugh at the ending. Who else is excited for Beetlejuice 2?!

Corpse Bride
What can I say? The ending killed me.

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Sally was my favorite character and the thought of Halloween during Christmas made me want to make it happen.

Hocus Pocus
My all time favorite, I love how three sisters' fashion. Even if they're the villains, I liked how the movie gave them such an realistic family dynamic and great personalities. Also, Thackeray was a hunk before he turned into a cat.

Halloween Town Series
I'm not sure why the fourth movie had a different actress, but I still love the series. Especially the second movie. There was something about Kal that I loved. Must be his bad boy status. Marnie totally should've been with him, if he wasn't evil and out for revenge. Oh well!


Jeepers Creepers
I had nightmares about this movie when I was a kid. The whole franchise is terrifying.

Resident Evil Series
I love zombies, especially this series. I've only watched the first three movies, but I'm trying to find the last two on DVD or online. I need to know how this series end.

Ju-On 1 & 2
The original Japanese movie about the Grudge. The story may be more complicated to grasp, but having it all come together in the end was just amazing.

One Missed Call
Again, this one is the original version. The ending was just wow!


I think this one is the American version of foreign movie. I really loved the plot twist at the end of it.

The ending of this movie shocked me. I didn't see that little plot twist coming.

There are a quite a few Tim Burton movies here. I guess I just really like his style. What are your favorite Halloween movies?

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!

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