Hey guys!

This week was pretty normal. I did go shopping (again!), but I decided not post any hauls up for the time being since I don't have time for really picture heavy posts. College life yo. So here's how my week went.

Everything is going really great. Of course, math is exhausting as always, but I am pretty on top of my work this time. English is surprisingly challenging as I'm not one to focus on the rules of writing. Why is English such a weird language? 

Career and Life Planning was kind of boring this week with how half the class was gone for the day. Dance class is fun as always! We learned a routine yesterday that was surprisingly easy, but I'm always somehow on a faster tempo than everyone else. It's weird.

I'm really excited for Halloween! I'm thinking of cosplaying as one of the gang in ZNation from season one. I think it'll be easier to find outfits from that season than the new one. Have you guys seen Sunshine?! She totally reminds me of a GoGo dancer this season! I didn't even know stores still sells those kinds of outfits. 

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I've been spending quite a bit of my money. Most of it goes to food and school supplies, but this month I'm going to try to keep my spending to ten to fourteen transactions as ten transactions help keep my savings balance at the right minimum. I don't have to pay the account fee as a $1 is transfer into that account each time I buy something. The only really expensive item I want is about $100 and is a bundle from one of my favorite bands. I'm really tempted to buy it. Maybe I'll convince my dad to add a bit more to my account as an early birthday present. 

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 

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