Hey guys!

Life has been rough lately.

I had two math tests this week that I hopefully aced. As we all know, math is not my forte. School has really been exhausting lately. I have about two months or so until the end of the semester and I'm already fretting about finals. Oh the life of a college student.

Since school has been taking up a lot of my time, my health has gone a little downhill. I'm thinking of doing a little bit of morning exercises to make sure I stay fit. You never know when you need to outrun zombies. Or small children while playing tag. Kids have a lot of energy.

With Halloween coming up next week, I decided to cosplay as one of the characters from ZNation. If you haven't seen my mad twitter spams on Fridays, check 'em out! I'm not as funny as the first season, but I blame it on the emotional roller coaster that is season two. I was not expecting any of what's happened so far.

Here's bit of music that I've been playing on repeat lately. I love where Ghost Town is going with their music. It's new, but still them.

A short weekly update, but what can I say? Life happens. (I think I've used that line too many times. Oh well!)

That's it for today! Thanks for reading! 

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