Hey guys!

Today is Halloween! I should be out trick or treating, but I decided to stay home tonight. There's a lot of things to do this weekend.

I am way behind on my math homework. I blame word problems for being so terribly long. Since I like writing down the problem, it takes a very long time to do math homework. I also mustered up the courage to buy something from the school cafeteria. I hate having to interact with people as I'm very awkward in real life.

Besides that, I have finally decided what I want to major in. Or at least, I'm pretty sure I want to major in the field I'm thinking about. When I start taking classes towards that major, I'll see if I really want to go into it.

I decided to tackle NaNoWriMo again. Oh goodness. I tried to do this every few years, but I always end up not finishing it. With the four hour gaps I have on Monday and Wednesdays, I'm finally cracking down and making myself write. Maybe this year I'll do better. Now the question is, should I write about my experience here or my book blog? I keep neglecting it. Maybe I'll revive it in 2016. Let's cross our fingers.

I've become a comic book fan. I finally walked into my local comic book store today and found a few comics that I got hooked on. I'm thinking of going to the comic book store weekly to get new comics. It'll be fun to start collecting comic books as they're smaller and more  manageable once you have a library full of them.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading!

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